Black Culture EDM

Kandy Gem #1: FeFeline the Birth of the Black Cat (explicit content)

Why am I writing this blog?? To start an EDM movement in black culture

Intro: So as the title of the blog implies, by reading this you will get to follow me from my first exposure to the EDM lifestyle to hopefully my full immersion into the culture. Now you’re probably wondering what the fuck makes this bitch so special… Well nothing actually. So why do I think I’m adept enough to have a blog about EDM? Because I’m the shit and I can do whatever the fuck I want!

Naw… but really doe, there area few reasons why I’m choosing to subject y’all to the stories of my #CrazyRaveLife.

Reason 1: Share the Experience from a Black Girls Point of View. After going to only 2 raves, I noticed there was very little representation of black people present. I had to ask, where are all the black folk??? The music was bass oriented, the dancing was booty shaking appropriate and the environment was lit, so again I ask “Where da fuck are all black peoples???”

Kaskade was the 2nd rave I attended with my New White Friends (NWFs for short and I’ll talk about them later). The second time around I invited a close black friend of mine, let’s call him Tyree. Tyree is not that black guy that hangs mostly with white people… no offense but you know who I’m talking about. You can tell the difference between blacks who socialize with blacks vs blacks who socialize with whites. And if you sitting at home trying to play coy that’s so cute. Great your trying to be socially cautious and politically correct, but I’m tryna be real.

But naw, Tyree is black as fuck. He is socially woke, while also being tolerant and fair to others, he has locks all the way down his back, we talk about the black plight all the time, in addition he loves house music more specifically his jam is Soca, Caribbean, Dance Hall and Reggae and of course Hip Hop and R&B. So this black ass friend of mine went to Kaskade, partied amongst the white people and loved it.

But it didn’t stop us from noticing that we were 2 of 15 black folk in that joint. I’m being serious we back counted.* on top of that only 4 were black females. One girl (pictured below), was very pretty and scantly dressed like me.

There were two other black girls who looked like they came together, and were dressed “conservativly casually.” And this one poor soul who I thought I had helped to find her friends, but me in my altered state of euphoria it was more so the blind leading the blind. My NWFs said that the lost black girl was butt ass naked holding her tatas and I just dropped her naked ass off to 3 guys whom she identified as her homies and they accepted her… but in my defense I thought she was wearing a brown shirt, and I thought I was saving this girl.  Apearrantly she was wearing her own brown skin and I hopefully did get her ass kidnapped. Oops my bad.

It’s funny because my NWFs said the naked black girl looked just like this meme girl. Sorry I know I keep going off topic. So  anyway 15 black people in this massive party only 4 being black females… hmmm that sounds like an untapped market, my Reason #1.

*Side note: Y’all are gonna have to get used to my sarcasm and facetiously written commentating. Please note, that no legit research went into providing these statistics. They are solely based off my recalled account which I possibly, most likely was under the influence of several substances so accuracy can’t be guaranteed. 

Reason 2: How many people get to say they can blog their experiences from day one. I went to my first EDM show on April Fools. This is ironic right, because all my black friends thought I was joking.

I told them that I was going to an EDM Rave and the responses I sparked by the term Rave were all negative:

  • Isn’t that, that Techno music?
  • Isn’t that the thing where they be doing drugs?
  • Girl be safe in them streets…
  • Why would you want to do that?
  • Don’t they dress all crazy like little animals?
  • Oh you hanging out with white people huh??

That was just a small example of the harassment. Really, you gonna pass all that judgement on to me, even though I was definitely doing the same thing a few weeks earlier.

I couldn’t help but pass judgement. A few years back I worked the first aid tent at the Life in Color Rave held in DC at RFK stadium. Those freaking white kids were crazy. I had a white girl in hot pink booth shorts hump my leg, another white girl who lost her shoes so I gave her XL latex gloves and put them right on and skipped her happy ass out the tent and another white girl who lost her little white friend in the woods. If this girl existed she was never found… Needless to say I thought this was some crazy white shit. But by the end of the night all them crazy ass white kids has a fucking great time dancing high AF in cold rain to sick beats. So now I understand them and have become them and I want to share this revelations which y’all. But as a crazy black chick at a rave.

Reason 3: I get to party and experience a new vibe while telling stories; some of my favorite things to do. I’m located in the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia). Home of Bmore (Baltimore) club or D.C. GoGo. So my black friends were all confused and actually fucking afraid for my “blackness.” Shit I ain’t gonna lie, I was a little apprehensive. But I am always willing to try anything once.

For example last year for my birthday I couldn’t find anyone to go on a bday beach vacay with me. Everyone was crying broke, busy or not interested. I didn’t have a boyfriend (well shit I still don’t have a bf) let alone a bae. So I was like fuck this shit… y’all bitches ain’t fucking up my birthday. So I jumped on the computer did some research and booked a last minute dolo trip to Peru. Not to the sunny beaches in Lima, but a 3 day hike in the mountains to Machu Pichu. ​​​

​That was the best thing I could have done for myself. The experience allowed me to re-evaluate what was important to ME. It let me learn that life is too short to wait for other people to make shit happen. It also let me know that I can be a Bad Bitch on my own. Even before that trip I never really cared about what other people thought of me, but now I was even more emboldened. I went on an international trip by myself, doing some other people shit. Climbing moutains. When have you seen a black girl trekking anything besides sew-ins they about slay next week.

Long story short, after that trip I was wide the fuck open. I wanted to do more cool shit. So I started hanging with myself even more. “Oh you can’t go… that’s cool” and I’d ride out dolo to the club, a nice restaurant, nature hike at parks, to go see a movie anything just so I didn’t miss out on life.

Then life pushed me toward my new white friends. A guy at work, lets name him Andy, was going to Puerto Rico. We were sitting around a table in this Irish pub in Downtown Baltimore having breakfast, a ritual we have after working a difficult night shift in the Emergency room. We go for the unlimited bloody Mary’s and Mimosas and the 20% discount given to healthcare workers, firefighters, EMS and Police. At breakfast he invited everyone at the table to join his trip. I had that week off and was like fuck yea. Now keep in mind I’ve never hung out with him and or his crew ever and still we went to PR and fucked the Island up.

It was lit every night. That is when I was first introduced to EDM. My new homie pictured  above) played EDM the entire fucking trip. I still wasn’t completely sold, but I was intrigued. I could hear the beats and yhought “Ok… I can dance to this joint.” So when we got back to work he made me buy a ticket to Anjuna Beats… then his punk ass bailed out for whatever reason but that’s besides the point. Lol.

The other people in the crew said Anjuna Beats was cool but I needed a ticket to Kaskade. Since Andy’s punk ass was the only reason I bought Anjuna Beats and he couldn’t go anymore, I then decided to buy a ticket to Kaskade just in case Anjuna Beats was terrible.

At that point it was locked. I was committed and I had to go to these prepaid events so that’s what I did. The shit was fucking awesome. Not to mention it was my first time “climbing the mountain.” Not the literal mountains like in Peru. Between me and you… best time ever.

That was Anjuna Beats and Next was Kaskade May 12 and I couldn’t wait. I was so siced (DC slang look it up in Urban Dictionary) I couldn’t even describe the 6 week wait. Luckily my mind was busy with finishing my Masters Degree, working at the ER and still going out to party and get shit faced.

And then… the day arrived. I had stayed up the 2 nights before making my Kandies, which I have branded as my KandyGems. And they offer protection or enhancement to the wearer through the energy of crystal gems. In case your wondering, I recently became interested in learning the power of crystal healing and Tarot readings. Call me Ms. Cleo bitches.

(Pictured below: Rose Quartz Kandy Gem offering the enhancement of finding love)

The crew pregamed in Bmore and made our way out to DC arriving around 2200. It was cold AF and raining but no line. 30 minutes prior to arrival BF M&M was called joined and that bitch showed up to party promptly upon arriving. We entered the building and the night went down.

This was the second night my alter ego FeFeline was on the prowl and she was fierce. She even met her first Instagram fan (shown below), gave out some KandyGems and racked up over 17,000 steps according to the iPhone health app. So need I say more fam???

Nope nothing else can be said. Both events were lit. I must agree with the crew, Kaskade was better than Ajuna Beats. Kaskade has more of the hard bass knocking beats opposed to Anjuna Beats which was explained to me as being more Trance. But they both were a great time.

Well, until next time…


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