KandyGem #2: The Spontaneous Event (explicit content)

Intro: So I’m sitting in triage stressing like fuck. My special ass, has gotten myself into an unnecessary bind again. I’m sitting here blown asking myself why?? I keep promising myself that one day I will pay closer attention to the obligations in my life, well let me just dive into the story.


Tuesday, I found out NGHTMRE was playing this coming Friday. I was so siced because I actually knew the name of this DJ. As I’m slowly becoming familiar with the DJ names and associating a style of music with them. It is still a foreign excitement to actually learn that a DJ you like is coming to town. I honestly don’t know NGHTMRE’s official genre within EDM, but what I do know is that some of his songs have ended up on my Spotify playlist. I created a Spotify playlist dedicated to storing all the EDM music I like, I named it Be.TrappEDM. I am trying to familiarize myself with songs and artists so when I attend these events they will be based on the stuff I like and not solely the events suggested to me by my NWFs.

The Dilemma: I impulsively bought my ticket without consulting my calendar. I never work Fridays, unless… I need to make adjustments to squeeze in other activities. In this case I had shuffled hours to this particular Friday because of my up coming trip to the Dominican. Fuck me! Really FeFe… you just had to schedule an 8 hour on call on a Friday and then forget about it!!

Obstacle 1: I can’t or probably shouldn’t call out. I have developed a very bad habit of arriving to work late. So I have a lingering collection of “occurrences” on my attendance record. These are points that accumalate on your attendance record and do not disappear until a year later. When they are about to disappear, I call those occurrences unicorns 🦄. Because that means I have wiggle room if needed. Basically one comes off another goes on…

  • Arriving late earns you 0.5 points
  • Calling out for a shift earns you 1.0 points
  • Calling out on a shift that is scheduled prior to paid time off (PTO/vacation) earns you 2.0 points

At 4 occurrences you are awarded a written warning, and unfortunately I’m at 4 😢. The system has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can continually get written warnings as long as your occurrence count never reaches 5. At 5 points you are on discipline for a YEAR!!! It fucking sucks man, you don’t get your biannual bonus and you don’t get tuition reimbursement. The points go all the way to 8 at which point you are dismissed. I’ve never seen anyone make it to 8. I feel like if you did, you really just didn’t want this job man.

I generally teeter the 3 – 4.5 range, playing a game of point goes on, point comes off. It’s a very delicate balancing act. I have a full 1.0 🦄 falling off on Thursday. I’m definitely considering taking the L, but that shift is the day before my Dominican vacation and I have not submitted my tuition reimbursement yet. On the other hand I’m finished school, and will be leaving this job soon, so besides t I give no fucks.

Obstacle 2: I already invited a new friend to go with me and I was looking forward to our adventure. Since it was so last minute and so spontaneous I bought my ticket not caring if anyone could ride out with me. I was gonna just dolo this bitch. But then a miraculous thing occurred. A snapchat friend and fellow newbie influencer messaged me this…


First off I was flattered that she watched my snaps and thought I was having fun. Second, I was flattered that she wanted hang out with me. I love going out so if people want to hang I’m down. Third, it wasn’t one of those fake “Oh we should hang” and never reach out… She messaged back and was gathering info, we were making meet up plans and exchanged numbers. Then my I realized I was on call. I feel like I can’t turn down this opportunity. What if I only get one shot??

My Answer: I think I’m just gonna fucking go man… The ticket was $60 and I don’t feel like I should waste that money… Don’t get me wrong I am trying to be a responsible adult, so I am trying to get my on call shift switched, but its so last minute that I doubt that will happen. Meanwhile… I am also wishing on my lucky star that no one calls out.

3:33 made a wish *Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssse No one on NIGHT shift call out!!!! But it’s Friday and it’s gonna be hot outside, so bitches will probably call out #NurseLife. Ultimately, if a bitch calls out, they gonna be short cuz I can’t come in… sorry.

Note: I’m writing this in present time Wednesday May 17, 2017 at 2200. But I’m not gonna publish this shit until I know the results. A bitch still needs her J.O.B.

I just had to get the raw feeling of my anxieties out while I wait and wonder in limbo. I will write the update on Friday…
Ok guys here is the mother fucking update!!!!

My lucky stars came through and I DID NOT GET CALLED IN!!! Whoooo hoooo!! That means not double occurrence and I get paid a few dollars to be “On Call” but bish I was not on nobody’s on call. Even if they called me in I was already in DC… 💁🏾 so let me tell you about last night…

But you gotta come back n read my next story 😘






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