KandyGem #3: About Last Night (explicit content)

Dawg… I am so glad I did not get called in! NGHTMRE and friends were fucking lit. So I was supposed to go by myself at first. I bought my ticket and didn’t even think about the details. Which meant I missed the small detail of me being on call for work on the night shift. At the same time the Chica from Snap said she wanted to go. So that was the dilemma. But in my head I was 99% sure I was going regardless of the outcome. My lucky stars pulled through and I did not get called in. But the Chica had a family emergency and could not go.

I had already gotten her a ticket AFTER this joint was sold out. Shout out to the homie from work who hooked me up. This is the same homie that told me about the show on Tuesday. We had been talking about it all week and he was telling me I was gonna love it because it was Trap. Back on topic. The lucky extra ticket went to baby sis. This was her first rave and I knew she would like it because Trap is Hip Hop like and she loves to dance. We have different style dancing… I’ll come back to that. So to be prepared I jumped on Spotify and started listening to his music all week. Now remember, I had already recognized NGHTMRE by name because he had already made it in my playlist. But I wanted to be super ready. Ohhh, and I was ready.

I already had my outfit in mind. I didn’t want to do my sexy one piece lacie. I wanted to be a little gutter but still sexy. I went with old school 90’s look. I had my overall booty shorts with the pockets that were longer than the shorts line. I had a bright orange bralette from best friend Vickie. Those bralettes are so cute btw. I put on my boy cut under wear. You know the ones with the large white band that looks like little boy tighty whiteys. Except bf Vickie’s name was running along the band instead of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. Now why would you call your draws Fruit of the Loom…


Now my makeup. I finally found a place where my makeup is “normal.” I love bright colors, when I describe my makeup style I call it Drag Queen. My dark skin makes all the bright colors pop. Sometimes so much so that I look like a Drag Queen. The Queens are very dramatic and so am I so I feel like its a perfect. Not always for every occassion, so I try to be appropriate, sometimes I fail out of habit. A Queen just wants her makeup, what can I say.


​​I had on my cute little leather gloves and of course the high top black kicks. I made sure to blow out my fro so it had height and I could head bang… but the humidity had other plans for my hair. My curly coils shrunk right back down #BlackGirlProblems #NaturalHairMovement. Oh well.

So the outfit was on point. Mad compliments all night. I’ve been getting mad white boy love in these streets. I’m a person that will be open to anything and anyone. But honestly I haven’t been attracted to white boys. There have been a few here and there but nothing major. Black men have been the objects of my affection. So to come to an event that is 99% white/Asian is very different. I go to hip hop clubs and that’s it until now. Speaking of… style of dance. So baby sis only went to hip hop clubs. On the drive to DC I was explaining to her what it was going be like. A little back ground baby sis is a 90’s baby I’m an 80’s baby. Little generation gap. So I asked her if she ever got to go to Hammer Jacks or the Tunnel; 2 major Baltimore Clubs back in the day that literally played ALL BALTIMORE CLUB. You didn’t go to those clubs to look cute and shit. Naw you went to dance to hard fucking beats, sweat yo weave out because you been grinding against big dick all night or battling some fool who thought his legs could bang harder than yours. We need a club like that again. Unfortunately after the death of K-Swift (Baltimore legend) club music has faded into the background only to allow New Jersey club and EDM to steal our shit… but that’s personal opinion. So baby sis did not get to experience the Bmore club scene she just missed it, literally by a phone call. She said her and friends somehow hacked a ride (bmore thang stand on the corner with hand flick motion to hail a good citizen to give you a hack/ride you throw a few bucks their way and cool you off to your destination basically hood hitch hiking). They made it to Hammer Jacks, but since they had a good parent who had eyes and ears everywhere Momma found out where the girls were called them on the cell phone and told them to stay they asses there and she was coming to scoop they unruly asses up. Which was very good parenting but sucked for baby sis and friends 🤣🤣🤣 So the dancing. She was only exposed to hip hop dancing where as I was dancing to club music which goes way harder. She said that she understood but I don’t think she really knew… ​

​So we arrived at about 2245, we tried to stop by the drive through liquor store but that joint was closed. She had a little bit of left over whiskey so she had to go with that. Me I went to the clouds above that mountain… We took the time to find street parking. I laughed because I told her my NWFs had spoiled me because we always park in the garage across the street from the door. I was like “you could have 8 ninjas in the car and they all would be like naw keep driving I’m sure we’ll find parking meanwhile 8 city blocks later…” but with my NWFs they be like “oh girl I got you we parking in the garage.”

Our parking spot was not bad at all. We were able to scope the scene on the way in. Now that area has 4 clubs. Bliss Black/Afrinan/Caribbean, Stadium upscale black strip club, and Echostage the Ravers. So you get an odd mix of people climbing this big ass hill on Queens Chapel road. When walking to the club we parted a group of black guys clearly dressed for the either Bliss or Stadium. As we walked through them they saw how we were dressed and was like “Hol’ up where y’all going… wait y’all going to the other place??” I yelled back “Yup to the other place” and they responded “We going to EchoStage tonight!” Me and baby sis just kept on switching by laughing cuz they did not expect that.


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