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Kandy Gem #4: Some Rules to a Successful Rave

So now that I have 3 raves under my belt let me give out some amateur to amateur advice. I feel like the experts already know what to do and what not, therefore I’m speaking to the newbies. I will probably be doing this again and maybe even changing my own tips as shit happens to me. Trust, shit is always happening to me.

So far here’s what I got:

  1. You need a bag. I carry a backpack which sometimes is annoying because its large on my back. I think I’m gonna find a really small backpack. The bag that I carry is a mini backpack but it hovers right over my booty and I shake all this ass. Other people opt for the fanny packs. Really anything that keeps your hands free so you can fist pump the night away. Although blocking my lil booty action, I prefer the backpack because I can store many water bottles. The other night I had 3 water bottles stashed in the pack. At EchoStage they give them out for free. So lets make that rule number 2. Update since drafting this post… I bought a new back pack its so cute its actually a toddler leash lol. But it’s clutch because not only is it more spacious than a fanny pack, but it sits up high on my back. See my photo belowIMG_0310.JPG
  2. Drink plenty of high quality H2O. It gets really hot in there. Plus if you partake in certain substance, you can get dehydrated. Take it from a nurse, dehydration sucks ass. I have seen 3 liters go into a person and they magically are alive. Since you must stay hydrated, utilize those free water bottles. There is a good reason they supply them for free. They know what y’all be consuming out there. Plus you can use the water to splash the crowd.
    • Side Note: I’ve been doing some reading and Hyponatremia (low sodium) can become a problem. Especially if you choose to be friends with Molly or Sally; dem bitches be shiasty sometimes . So stay hydrated but don’t over do it. When you get a chance grab a Gatorade, Pedialyte or suck on a salty lemon. Shit you can even get fucking fancy bitches and buy one of those infusion water bottles. Drop some lemons and some sea salt a little bit of sugar and have some good ol’ fashion homemade gatorade. Either way stay sweet, sour and salty.
  3. ICE is a major key. Besides dehydration, over heating is another major health concern. As your body temperature rises, organs within your body operate differently and go into panic mode. Basically your ass is about to die. That’s why yo ass is sweating so much cause your body wants to cool itself down. Now as you sweat you are losing water and electrolytes. So back to #2 DRINK MF WATER BRUH…
  4. Get dressed up. Halloween is really the only time as an adult you get to act a fool and go in costume… but naw. This rave shit also allows you to get stupid and be free. So why be a stuck up asshole. Be free my little grasshopper. You’d be surprised at how much more fun it is. I came with the mask, because at first I was like “If I’m going to this rave thing for the first time I’m going all out ridiculous” when I got
    FeFeline and Jay the Jabba

    there I realized I had played myself because I was fucking normal as fuck. So be festive do something fun. Plus the attention is fun, especially for an attention whore such as myself. Side Note: I mentioned this in the previous entry. If you wear a mask do not use satin tie strings. The satin slides easily and will not stay tight. So all the wild movements will cause your mask to become undone and it was so frustrating tying and retying that fucker trying to get it to stay on my face.

  5. Don’t wear gaudy earrings or jewelry. So the other night I decided to wear my titanium weighted gauges. Yup I’m a black girl with stretched out ear. I only went to the 2 gauge. Now however cute my stunning jewelry was, it was not cute when I was head banging and it felt like my earlobes were going to be destroyed. Also earrings can get caught and pulled by the crowd as everyone is packed liked sardines.
  6. Get naked!! Not literally like that poor lost black soul at Kaskade… By naked I mean wear as little clothing as you feel comfortable. Like I said it gets fucking hot in that bitch. Baby sis was wearing cut up jeans and I told her she was gonna get hot. An hour in and baby sis was saying, yup you guessed it, “I’m hot.” I tend to wear one pieces and nothing else. Maybe some stockings, but I will probably never wear pants. Now I haven’t been to an outdoor event so my suggestion maybe different then, but fuck use commen sense dress for the weather bring a carry bag so you can take on and off clothing. I was the first aid nurse (mentioned previously) for In Living Color and it fucking rained all night. Not that warm island rain, but that its almost fall in DC rain. It was cold AF. Kids were running into the tent for warmth, but we had to turn them away because the tent was only for medical emergencies. Now one could argue that hypothermia was a medical condition… not when you had the option to go home it wasn’t. So be ready so you can party comfortably all night. Or ingest a substance to make you all warm and tingly inside.
  7. Try to have an entire day for recovery. Bitch, do you know I fucking slept until 8 pm the other day after NGHTMRE. Then took 2 hours to get my life together. I wasn’t right until 10 pm. Now imagine that, except after Kaskade I had to take my happy ass into work the NEXT night at 7 pm. I was about 3 hours shy from my recovery time. I damn near died during that 12 hour overnight shift. But it was fucking worth every torturous hour I spent in that Emergency providing excellent (bare minimum) care. Did anyone die??? Nope I call that a successful shift. Now did someone get their cup of juice on my time… yup.
  8. Treat this as a bonus workout. I don’t exercise although as a nurse I know the importance. I just don’t have time nor do I have the motivation to find time. I maintain weight by not eating a rack of lamb by myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I eat and I love food. Especially at fancy restaurants (keep that in mind fellas…) But I love to dance. I dance in the shower, I dance when cooking, I dance while driving, I dance walking into work, I dance while at work, I dance while washing my car… I think you get the point. Dancing is a form of exercise. Think about it y’all, they got MF Zumba class and bitches is paying for that shit. Why not pay to go to a party. Two birds one stone. Hold your abs in, wind your waist, and get to stepping. I’m thinking about getting a fit bit so I can track my steps. I know I’m burning mad calories because I come out hungry than a MF. Dawg after Kaskade and the extracurricular activities that occurred after Kaskade, I ate a half a pizza with pepperoni and sausage and 6 honey BBQ wings. I would have eaten more but a second round of extracurricular activities prevented that and then I had to go to work. So I ate the rest of the pizza at work. Side Note: I know this is considered exercise because the next day after all the lactic acid had built up, I could barely walk and NO it wasn’t from the extracurricular activities so get your mind out the gutter that I put it in. My legs felt like how it feels after not going to the gym in a while.
  9. Talk to people. If you are usually an introvert, this is a perfect place to learn to talk. For one if you say something stupid there’s a 50/50 chance the person didn’t hear you anyway. So when they say huh you can rephrase it and get a second chance at bagging that cutie. Just saying. Plus liquid courage has always given me the confidence to be someone else. How do you think I discovered all these alter ego (see “About FeFe section of the this page). I’m already a free spirit, but I really become free with assistance. I become less feisty and less intense. But don’t get it twisted, I’m still aware of my surroundings and I will check a fool who gets outta pocket with me.

More rules to come…


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