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Kandy Gem #5: FeFe on Vacation (explicit content)

Ohhh yes! This was a much needed vacay. I just graduated with my Masters in Nursing. Two and half long years, but I did it. Matter of fact I had this block of time off so that I could go to Graduation and then the opportunity to go on Vacation with some friends from work came up. Perfect timing right? So naturally, I said yes to the vacation and fuck graduation. Well I guess it wasn’t “naturally” because every time I told someone that I chose vacation over graduation, I got a 50/50 mix reaction of pros vs. cons:

  • What? How can you miss graduation?
  • Yea, I would have chosen the same thing…
  • Your mother doesn’t want to see you walk?
  • Oh, your mother has seen you walk 2 other times before, OK I get it
  • So you don’t want to celebrate your achievement?
  • Vacation, that is a celebration!

Ultimately, it didn’t matter what other people were saying, shit I was fucking going to the Dominican Republic for 5 days, fuck that graduation where I’ll be listening to some old person talk about shit, while I’ll be Snap Chatting or posting on Instagram not listening to one damn word. Plus I would have to buy a cap/gown, that I will most likely lose (I know this because I have no idea where my other cap/gowns are…). So off to the the Dominican Republic I go.

The group that I travelled with were a group of 6. For comparison, my Rave Squad is 30 and under, white/Asian and my Dominican crew was 30 and over and black. So that should give you an idea of the contrast between the 2 groups. It should also show you how fucking awesome I am to be able to chill with everyone. Yup, I’m tooting my own beautiful golden horn encrusted with diamonds… Aight fine let me chill, cuz I am doing the most… but shit, this is my fucking blog and you’re living in my fucking world when you’re reading this. So y’all just gonna have to listen as my golden diamond encrusted horn toots my got damn graces 😁.

Any-who… I am on vacation with my black friends and we were at a resort in Punta Cana called CHIC. That shit lived up to its name. That place was definitely Chic AF. Besides eating a massive amount of food, chilling at the pool (I got a great tan) or just simply relaxing, every night we went to the little night club on the Resort. Of course it was never really lit, but when your with a group of friends you have fun with each other regardless. They played a lot of soca and spanish music and fucking Bruno Mars “Don’t believe me just watch!!!!” They played that damn song every day all day! I’m not even being facetious they literally played that song every day all day. At the bar, at the pool, in the restaurants, and of course at the club…🙄

Despite the lack luster music selection on our last day, they had a foam pool party. That joint was fun. And guess what music they played? My new jam EDM! My black friends were like “FeFe there goes your music…” and I was like “yup” with a big ass grin on my face. I think I even recognized some Kaskade or Kaskad-esk songs being played. It’s still difficult for me to identify DJs and their songs, but I’m trying. The pool party now that was lit. How can you go wrong with humongous beach balls, a huge pool, lots of foam and EDM…

You see, back in the day if I were on vacation and they started playing that “white people shit” me and friends would have left the pool or sat their irritated waiting for the hip hop to come on. This time around it was different, I was happy to hear anything because over time I have broadened my music choices. I now listen to pop, top 100, EDM on top of my roots of Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae or anything else “black.” I have not gotten into rock or country. But… my NWFs are making me go to a country festival this year. That’s still out for the jury. We’ll see…

In the meantime here is a recap of my trip:


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