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Kandy Gem #6: My First Outdoor Rave (explicit content)

Intro: Hey y’all. I’m back and this time it was a different experience. The outdoor Rave!! The squad all got together for Chainsmokers at Merriweather Post Pavilion in my neck of the woods, Columbia Maryland. I’m literally 10 min away from Merriweather. So the squad came to my crib for the pregame festivities. That meant I had to clean up before the guest were to arrive…

Get ready we gonna party y’all. Right off the plane from my Dominican Vacay, baby sis picked me up from the airport. I returned to BWI to a massive storm. I mean bright white lightening, the kind that illuminates the entire sky. Thunder that boomed so loud it felt like the sub woofer in my car and pouring rain, rain so hard the wipers do not assist with visibility. Well, there goes the fucking Dominican sunshine I guess. After being picked up and once the storm died down, I immediately went home and got to work. I shampooed the carpet, cleaned the bathrooms made sure the kitchen was sparkling clean.

The next morning I picked up some hotdogs, limes and sprite and the squad delivered the liquor. My favorites Whiskey and Tequila!!!! We were fucking ready. My boy Andy, you know the guy who made me buy tickets and then bailed on me TWO TIMES… That’s ok I still love him though. Essentially Chainsmokers is the first rave we attended together despite him being the reason I started going in the first place. He joked, “FeFe what if I had sold my ticket to go Armin?” Armin was playing that same night in DC at EchoStage and many of us wanted to go their instead of Chainsmokers, so I told his ass that I would’ve choked him out.

Despite many of us wanting to see Armin we were all there, me and my NWFs 😍.  It was explained to me that Chainsmokers have gone more “Pop” with their music and its more watered down in comparison to their old shit. Before this Rave spiral of events, I had heard of the Chainsmokers, so for me to have known their name they must be mainstream. Regardless we were happy to be together, we even made a dedicated Snap story to memorialize the event.

Side note: Snap chat just recently updated and now you can start a story and add people who can send snaps. Then the story is collection of the entire group. It’s really cool because you can see the different perspectives and not just your point of view. Our Snap story was lit, if I must say so myself. FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 3

Here are few snaps from our story starting with the pregame action. Needless to say I woke the next morning cursing cuz I had to clean… again, but it was all worth it. We def wrecked that kitchen and living room and then it was time to head out.

Equipment check. For this rave, I ordered a brand new backpack from Amazon. My other backpack was annoying because it sits low on my back and covers my butt. My new tiny cat pack sits up high between my shoulders that way I can still shake my booty without interference (see the pic below). The backpack is actually meant for parents who can’t keep track of their monkey ass children while in public. I can’t stand an unruly child running around all over the place while I’m tryna blow money fast and shop in peace.

Y’all know what I’m talking about, those white parents who can only control their child by keeping them on a leash because they would rather “talk” to their child rather than good ol’ fashion corporal punishment… OK, yes that’s a generalization, I’m not above stereotypes so y’all just gonna have to live with that, but I have never seen with my 2 eyes no black kid on a leash only white children.

Usually, when I see a bad ass black kid, they are getting cussed out or getting they ass whipped. Shit, that was all the leash my momma needed. She would actually look at us with evil eye and with a big ass smile, talking through her teeth she would say “Look, don’t make me beat yo’ ass in front of all these white folk.” Now there could be only one “white folk” around, but Me and my sisters knew exactly what she meant; translation “Shut the fuck up because, if you make me embarrass myself, Imma kill you.”

Anyway, I done got side tracked again! So as I was saying, I bought the toddler backpack for less than $15. I feel it was a great investment. It’s a great compromise between the mini back pack and a fanny pack. Its so cute and it fits the scene because its almost like an anime character.

Off to Merriweather we go. Like I said, it stormed the night before so I knew it was gonna be muddy. I wore this cute sundress and rain boots. The other girls wore sandals. I asked them about the mud, and in true white girl fashion they said “I’ll just take my shoes off!” CLASSIC.

Cat backpack from Amazon $15, it’s actually a Toddler Leash
FullSizeRender 6.jpg
No one told me my cheeks were out, I guess that happens with a mini sundress and no draws…











I don’t know if y’all noticed, but something was missing! My freaking cat mask. Remember how I said the satin ties would constantly become lose. Well I attempted to replace the statin ribbons and with an elastic band. The glue that I used did not hold not even a little bit. I had my mask on for 5 minutes before the glue failed me. IMG_0375.PNG I felt like a half person or naked. Despite the sadness in my heart, it did not change my Rave personality, my momentum or my party mood. My alter ego was still in full affect, I was still FeFeline.​

Put yo Palms 🙌🏾 up. Me and that damn palm tree had an intimate connection. But I wasn’t the only one, it shared its love with everyone. My one friend, lets call her Ameerah, that sexy heffa had saddled up and jumped on the palm like a pony. Andy… his punk ass passed off my palm like a cheap whore to some random chic.IMG_0402

Andy bought the palm tree to be our Totem: An object used as a group locator at an EDM event (Dance Music Northwest Ravetionary). The totem is useful to those in your group who  carpool separately or arrive at a later time, that way they are able to find the group amongst the masses. Now in theory, this concept would have worked had Andy’s ass not given our totem away.

I had to leave the squad to go meet my friend Papi who drove from NY to party with me. He arrived at the venue at approximately 1930. Despite my excellent directions of where to find us, “If you’re facing the stage, left side lawn front row we are holding a palm tree.” I even sent him a pic of me holding the damn palm tree totem and Papi’s ass still could not find us. I told Papi to meet me at the bathrooms.

I found Papi, I swear it was the longest 5 minutes ever. You know time is perceived differently when you are in a special mind state. When I finally saw Papi, I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the party. As I was dragging Papi along, I spotted the palm tree and walked straight over. I had to take a moment to process this strange girl holding the palm, as I stated time is processed differently when your in a special state of mind. As I continued to stare oddly at this little white girl holding the palm tree, trying to figure out if she was one of my NWFs, she looked back at me like I was crazy.

Finally, I broke the awkward silence and said, “Oh you have my palm tree, I was looking for my friends.” this bitch responds “No this is my palm tree somebody gave it to me.” Now, I’m in my happy place so I didn’t go off on the chick like I know I could. Instead I simply requested, “When your done with the palm would you mind if I get that back?” Bitch was tryna play me, at least in my mind, by saying “No. It’s mine …”

OK hoe we gonna see how this plays out. I am a certified brat. FACT. I want what I want when I want it. I was getting my MF palm tree back. I march over to Andy and smack him on the arm and told him to go get my palm tree back. I threw a temper tantrum. FACT. Andy goes over to the girl, whisper some sweet nothings in her ear and was successful. Me and my palm was reunited. Unfortunately, not for long because by the end of the night I lost the damn palm tree. I have no idea where Palmy is… I sent out a group text and no one knows where Palmy is… He is lost forever. But fuck it. At that point that shit was solely principal. That bitch was gonna come up off my palm tree. FACT 🙄.

After that incident everything was all good. The show was good but really short. I’m used to raving until 4 am. However this was Merriweather, and Columbia has strict noise ordinances. Trust me I know. I’ve had the cops called on me for a Halloween party. Soon after the clock struck 11pm, as if my neighbors were waiting, the PoPo show up to tell us to turn down the music. SMDH. In saying that, the show was ova at 2300 and the lot was cleared by 2330. They do not play.

And neither do we because half of the group was not done partying y’all… (to be continued)


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