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KandyGem #7: The After Rave Party (explicit content)

This is the continuation of Friday’s events KandyGem #6: My First Outdoor Rave.

Let’s recap. We talked about the Pregame at my house. We went through the tailgate in the parking lot. Maybe I didn’t… I can’t really remember but if I didn’t lot #5 was lit because of us. I know I talked about the Chainsmokers and I know for sure I emphasized how it ended early. But today lets talk about the Rave after the Rave…

Now for all those got damn teenyboppers in attendance a concert until midnight was probably “freaking awesome man,” (oh they don’t say that anymore… well I’m a grown ass woman that works night shift so once I’m hype I’m fitting to go until the sun greets me home. On top of that generally when I run the streets, I don’t anywhere until approximately 11pm unless, its a day party.

To those who are not hip to day parties… please get your life together. The Day Party: an event that generally begins at 1pm and ends at 6pm. The clubs in DC have grown accustomed to throwing a day party on Saturday n Sundays. When the day party first began it was only on Sundays. Which makes since. You go to brunch then a day party which Wraos up your weekend with a bang. But just like everything else a good thing ahead become over saturated due to greed and capitalism so the day parties were extended to Saturday. Dumb… so now you go to a day party on Saturday stay there until it transitions to the night club at 6pm, that’s doing too much. Day Parties have been all the craze for at least 2 years, so if you were not aware, where have you been??

Back to my story, I left off at the Chainsmokers day party has ended. The squad split up into two destinations. Half decided to be low key and go back to Bmore. The other half, which included me and Papi, were still turnt and was not about to turn down. So we decided impromptu, to go to DC for Armin!!

I was too siced. I still needed to dance, plus I bypassed that brick wall and I was still climbing that second peak… The grid lock in Merriweather’s parking lot had me more jittery than a child with ADHD who just ate chocolate cake, and I thought it would be a good idea to climb out of Papi’s truck to attend my very own dolo street party. I mean why the fuck not? We weren’t moving anytime soon.

Papi drove this big ass Dodge something something. I don’t remember the model, let’s just call it a Ram, but it was a four door pickup truck. Papi uses his monster truck to tow his boat back and forth to a dock. I definitely plan to be on his boat this summer, he already invited me. I told him that I won’t be fishing though. I envision myself, wearing a cute low cut bikini, reading an ebook and getting all chocolaty. (yes this black girl tans, like literally I lay out in the sun with the intention of getting darker). and be cute while navigated the open waters. Imagine how cute I’d be on a boat in one of the bays of New York… I know, I know, I get side tracked.

Dolo party, in the parking lot… I’m back on track. I was trying to dance outside of Papi’s big ass truck and his paranoid ass kept yelling for me to get back in the car before the police came over. Now I was not the DD so I was fucking lit. My response to Papi definitely proved it, “Papi, shut up I’m tryna have a party, man!” “No Papi, I don’t wanna get in the car,” as I tried my damnedest to put on the puppy eyes and pout. That shit ain’t work. His paranoia won and since this was our “first date” technically, so I guess I could be on my best behavior. Instead of the parking lot we had a party in the car instead, see 👇🏾.

Papi in the Pink Heart glasses, Papi loves FeFe

A Little bit of my Papi background. I met Papi in New York. See I wasn’t blogging then, so y’all don’t know about the trip to New York. Let’s just say when I got back to work, I had to have several side conversations about the things I should and shouldn’t post on social media. It wasn’t that bad but it got a little wild. With that said, I felt Papi should understand that my dolo party in the lot was very necessary. He did not understand so I climbed back into the monster truck and compromised with turning the volume to the MAX.

We made a pitstop back at my house. Everyone went to the bathroom, Andy ate more hotdogs, Papi poured some White Henny (courtesy of the Dominican Duty Free store) into a flask, Andy’s date raided my closet (I picked out a cute outfit for her if I must say so myself). Me, I changed out of the rain boots and exchanged them for my platform Nike’s. The modified squad was rets to go. Ameerah had to make a few pitstops and said she’d meet us in DC. That girl loves to party. She goes to a rave almost every week, I’ll probably be hanging out with her a few times this summer.

I live 40 minutes from DC, a straight shot down 295 south. Echostage is a right turn at the first light upon entering the city from New York Ave. We found some decent street parking and headed for the door. The line was non-existant, I guess because we were so late. This left the bouncers with all the time in the world to check my belonging. This is what I learned NOT to Pack in my Bag:

  • Oils: I had Neutrogena body oils because a bitch can’t be caught with ashy hands. I didn’t have a small bottle of lotion so I grabbed my oils. WRONG. Oils are seen as paraphernalia, it could be hemp oil or whatever
  • Repackaged candy/gum: I always have the Icebreaker car size gum with me. The packaging is too large to travel on your person, so I transferred 4 pieces to a different container. They said I could have put acid on the gum. Honestly I don’t really know what acid is, but ok I get it.
  • Eye Drops: for the same reason as the oils. Now I didn’t have eyedrops but as I was being turned away from the line the girl after me had to throw out her eye drops.
  • Vape Pen: Now this is obvious. I figured my pen would be passed as a nicotine or hookah vape. WRONG. The bouncer expertly smelled the contents of my pen and was like “Nope.” 😹😹😿
  • I had my Kandies in a zip lock bag instead of on my arm and they were checking through that for any pills. They didn’t find any, and I will neither confirm or deny the existence of any.
  • Papi drank his White Henny once we arrived, therefore he didn’t have to worry about the flask, but use common sense, I’m pretty sure they will not allow a liquid carrying container.

They finished searching me and gave me the option to return the stuff to the car or to trash it. If it wasn’t for the vape pen, I would have trashed it, but we had to walk allllllll the wayyyyy back to the car. We returned to the venue, Papi paid my way, we met up with Andy and some of his friends and the party continued.
Armin, I’ve been taught is Trance. My take on trance is it’s more low key. I’m in love with Trap but I can do trance. ​

It has fewer beat building moments and a less stronger beat drop but I can rock out to it. Armin was a lot easier to dance to with a partner. Papi definitely benefited from that, I could slow grind against his pelvis all night. Even though I don’t really do PDA, Papi was even able to get kissy faced with cause I was just into the moment.


​Armin as a performance was a little different, since he like to interact with the crowd. There was one time he had us repeat the beat he just played by clapping along with him and another time where he had the entire crowd take a seat while he spoke to us in a soothing tone. First of all I was amazed he could get all those inebriated people to follow instructions. I can’t get grown ass people to follow instructions in the Emergency which would affect their health, but Armin could get these fuckers to be seated during the middle of a rave. #LifeGoals.


​Now of course, there were a few “too cool for school biotches” who decided to remain standing, but they looked like douche bags amongst the rest of the authentically cool people, such as myself. #Don’tTakeLifeSoSeriously. Right after that we were back to the party,  like nothing happened. It was a great time. Papi was on water patrol and he kept me hydrated.

Papi was also my bodyguard, because for some reason Armin’s crowd was kinda special in a weird way. No but really, the MF dudes were strange AF. There was this one kid, he was tall and lanky and was wearing glasses. I would watch him come up behind a girl and as she was dancing he move his penis, I mean waist, closer and closer to her dancing booty. The thing is it didn’t look like he was trying to dance because he would just stand there real close to the girl. When the girl would look up and walk away, he follow and stand behind her again… Like dude, get the fucking hint.

I watched him do this to several girls until he rolled up on me. Papi had gone to grab a beer and water and this fool did his creep walk behind me. See, I knew where he was  at all times since I had started keeping tabs on his creepy ass. I knew he was behind me and when I felt him breathing on my neck I stopped dancing and looked up at him with the screw face. He quickly put both his hands up as a sign of surrender. Yah bitch, don’t play with me boy. I might be flying right now but I ain’t so gone.

The  there was this other dude to my left. He was a little cutie though, but he looked like he was 12 years old and intimidated to approach me. He kept looking over my way and would try to get close and then would move back. “Boy you ain’t ready for all this” was that look I gave him. Poor baby kept his distance. The other two fools weren’t necessarily weird, but I don’t know what gave them the idea that they could dance with me. Not to be ruse, but Sir, look at me and look at you… Yeah Yeah, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but bitch you tryna get at a Fifty Shades of Grey series when you barely a Dr. Seuss collection. You gonna have to make your cover look more grown up to ride this ride, stay in your lane partner.

That’s one thing I will say about a Rave guys, these boys out here be Pressing Their Luck and don’t give a fuck about the Whammy.  Like, let me put this penny in any slot and maybe I’ll hit the jackpot. They need to learn that there are levels to this game, and sometimes you ain’t on it dawg. Unfortunately, the Armin followers were lack luster compared to Kaskade, Kaskade had some good looking white boys in attendance and I’m not really attracted to white boys like that. My Dominican Papi was all the company I needed that night, and every time he would return with his big ass arms, all the weirdos would scatter.

Papi made the observation that I was like a little fire cracker. I had mentioned this side of me in a previous post. He said he was watching me as I held down my position. He said if someone tried to post up in front of me, that I would move they ass out right up out of my way. He told me I would give them the eye and my neck and fingers would start moving like “nah ugh, you can’t be here keep it moving.” I told Papi he was fucking right. The spot that I choose to stand in will be my spot all night. I told him that I needed space to dance. So when people thought they were gonna stand by me, after being elbowed or stepped on one too many times they generally would get tired and leave.

There was even this lesbian couple, I don’t know what it is with me and these Rave lesbians, but the one girlfriend was sloppy fucked up. She would fall into her girl’s arm and her girl couldn’t support her dead weight so they would fall into me. First of all its rude AF and second of all they were interrupting my dancing. This shit happened twice, one too many times. See, I give people one bump without an apology, because its a party and shit happens. But two times is a fucking problem and it will be corrected. See this is how fights start, not because a bitch stepped on the Nikes, but because you did it twice and neither time said “sorry.” I sternly tapped the more sober girl’s shoulder and told her that she and her girlfriend had fallen into me 2 times and that was the last. She explained that her girl was drunk. I said “I can see that, but I don’t care. Handle it boo.” They did not fall into me for the rest of the night… Come on dawg, if you gonna get fucked up, don’t get in my MF way. Besides all that foolishness, I had a good ass time.


The lights turned on and I was actually ready to go. I was fucking exhausted. Now that I think about it I was partying almost 12 hours straight. Shit I started at 3 or 4 on Friday before the squad got to my house and we left DC at 4 am Saturday morning. Shit I just did a nursing shift of partying. I got my photo in front of the Echo glow wall, a new tradition I will be doing after each rave. This time I was hugged up on Papi, and then we rolled out. Another one for the books folks. I think in my next post I need review some of the DJs I’ve seen thus far since my list is getting longer and longer…


Come Party with Me!! What’s Next for FeFeline:

Rayel June 9 @Echostage DC Purchase Rayel Tix

SayMyName June 14 @Sound Check DC  Purchase SayMyName Tix

DJ Mustard June 29 @EchoStage DC Purchase DJ Mustard Tix

Moonrise August 12 & 13 @Pimlico Race Course Purchase Moonrise Tix


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