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KandyGem #10: SayMyName Say My Name Please (explicit content)

Side Note: The performance was Wednesday night this post was written Thursday so the time references are written as such. I am a bit of a stickler for presentation so it takes me awhile to actually post…

Intro: So I arrived at BWI airport to catch my flight to Chicago. I had a little trip planned to go see a friend in Chi-town. I haven’t seen him in like a whole fucking year… and I haven’t felt him inside of me for much longer amount of time. See lately I’ve been doing the celibate thing. Not necessarily by choice, more so necessity. MF be running the streets hyping they dick game all day long and when you finally slay you’re left think ninja, that’s all you got?? I don’t know what these girls be doing to these fools’ head but they be thinking they doing something. Now Chi-town, he be doing something 🙊.

I am a different species. I don’t follow the norms, I sometimes do shit just because it doesn’t follow the norm. I don’t let social structures define my life, nor do I care what the people who choose to follow those social structures think of my behavior. I am an atheist, because until I meet this thing called god, I don’t believe he/she exist. I believe in auras, vibes, karma and “weird” shit like that. I might even consider witch craft before stepping foot into anybody’s church… And as for Karma in regard to these no dick MFs hyping they shit, doing anything to get pussy, and letting women down all over the world, oh that shit will come back on them! Bitches boosting they sex games and leaving a trail of disappointed women behind. Fuck you and I mean that in the most disrespectful way. Whew, got that off my chest.

But before I get off this rant let me tell you about this one guy, we were talking for a good 2-3 months. He actually had some potential. He was good-looking, body banging, career was good enough, he liked to go out and have fun, could hold a conversation and could dress his ass off. Ain’t nothing like a man who can dress! Now, beside the fact that his ass didn’t know he should clean his bathroom with bleach, I really liked him. Y’all think I was playing, I mean that bitch was growing an entire biome in his fucking bathroom. Once I taught him the secrets of bathroom cleaning, bleach, he was amazed at how fucking white the nastiest room in a house could become. You’re welcome Bitch. Anyway, this dude was giving me head one morning. Actually, he woke me up with head. Now what bitch wouldn’t want to be woken by some head? Unfortunately it was terrible. See his sex was alright, and I was tolerating his very average penis size, and his very average sex game because he was genuinely a good catch otherwise. So he woke me with some head and all I could do was think of everything but what was supposed to be a pleasant treat. I mean I was thinking about all kinds of shit…

“Shit, when is that paper due, oh fuck I got a quiz this week though. Don’t I? I think I do, better check blackboard when I get home Oh and don’t forget to wash that load of clothes too when you get home, Why does this MF keep looking up into my eyes and smiling and shit… what he want a moan? ok here ya go boy “awww yes yea yea right there,” Oh snap it’s Tuesday, I better stop by shell for that 20 cents Tuesday. Is this ninja about to be done? I’m over it, he can just give me the dick so I can run these errands, I got shit to do….”

I didn’t even want the dick because like I said it wasn’t that good, I was just tryna get it over with so me and my Shih Tzu Brook could go home. I bet you’re wondering “where the fuck did a Shih Tzu come from, well I bring Brook everywhere possible with me. I was thinking about having her registered as an emotional support dog…
The dick has been dumb. It has been dumb for the last year in a half or so, with very few exceptions. Matter of fact let me be specific there were 3 exceptions. My ex would be one of the exceptions, however once he got a girlfriend we stopped having post break up sex 😫. Now that ninja spoiled me, he is the reason I am a sex snob. We taught each other Freak101 and mastered that shit over the years we were together. So my exceptions were this 1) Chi-town 2) Tyree 3) and this rude ass selfish ass MF who thought his needs were more important than mines so after 3 years of staying because of the good dick, his ass had to go. It’s so sad when you lose good dick because you can’t stand the person. So I became celibate rather than subject my precious cat to some bullshit.


All of that… brings me back to the reason why I was going to Chicago and the reason why I was at BWI at 5 am, after fucking going hard the night before at SayMyName, looking wrecked and feeling worse. Honestly, besides the good loving between me and Chi-town, I really did miss the hell out of his sexy ass, so I was getting my ass to Chicago regardless of the circumstances. insert BWI video
OMG, let me tell you how my ass was dragging with bags under the eyes, makeup smeared, sclera red AF, but it was so worth it. @ChefSayMyName fucking killed his set at SoundCheck in DC.

If you have been following so far I have only been to Echostage. Turns out Echostage bought a HipHop club that I used to frequent called Lotus club. 0672D9E7-23DF-4393-876D-D47C5C376CD7They renamed it SoundCheck and made some changes to turn it into a club/EDM basement.
Yo, I’ve been to Echostage when they were using it as a club, I’ve gone to a few Halloween parties there and it’s cool. But when they are hosting a EDM show, that bitch became 20 times better. The intimate space was awesome.

The DJ booth was accessible yet secure. The bar was bright with blue LED fluorescents and that’s where the pregame began. I wasn’t playing last night. There was not gonna be a 2 hour pregame tonight. I needed to get there ASAP so I could secure my spot. Did I do that, FUCKING RIGHT!!

The squad was small tonight. It was me, Mya and her new friend. SayMyName was my pick. Up until this point I have been going to everyone else’s suggestions because I didn’t know the DJs. But after the first Rave, and I saw how much I liked it, I quickly researched a DJ I would like. I don’t know how I found SayMyName, but I found his sexy ass. He’s pretty young too, I think he’s around 25. He was discovered out of LA by DJ Snake, another one of my top picks. So when I told Mya about it, she saw how excited I was, and so she took off from work. I love that girl, she’s a rida, but I guess she has to be if she’s gonna be my assistant. Hey she volunteered so now I gotta put her ass to work. And by work, I mean we about to party all fucking summer 17. Shit we done already got ready, she is the reason I’m leaving Chicago one day early to fly to Vegas to go to EDC on Sunday!!!! I can’t fucking wait… Yellow Claw!!!!!!

But first let me tell you about the SayMyName show. Shit I want his ass to say my name #SayMyNameSoldier #FanGirl. I don’t get crushes on famous people, but I am in love with this man. Ever since I found him, I have been following his page, his music and read a few interviews that he did. He is amazing. Ok my panties are wet, I gotta stop. Let’s talk about his show.

The show had started at 10pm we got there at 11pm, and it was empty as fuck!! I was like oh no I hope it’s not another Andrew Rayel fiasco… The crew of 3 went straight to the bar for our pregame session and I decided to talk to the bar tender while he poured our shots. I sarcastically said to him in a really loud voice, as if the music was really loud, “HEY CAN WE GET 3 SHOTS OF TEQUILA? AND WHY IS THE MUSIC SO LOW. I SHOULD BE YELLING AT YOU RIGHT NOW, BUT I REALLY DON’T NEED TO BECAUSE IT IS QUIET AS SHIT IN HERE?!?!” The bar tender laughed at me and explained that Echostage had bought this little club, sound proofed the walls and installed the same sound system as Echostage. Now Echostage is a huge warehouse style club and it definitely gets loud AF in that bitch. The bartender was saying, if they played the music loud the entire time we would get fatigued. He said they will turn up the volume as it gets closer to the main act and that goes to 80,000 watts. Whatever the fuck means, it does sound loud AF. So I took his reasoning as truth, gave him my business card and said fuck it Imma just dance to this pillow time music. We took our shots and I headed to the dance floor.

There was so much space, people were sitting on the floor up against the wall and only 15 people were on the dance floor. Like I’ve said in previous blogs, I want to dance all got damn night, so I got started even if it was gonna be by myself. Plus, I had reached the mountain top bitches so it was only down hill from there. I was greeted by this cute little flower child with sparkles on her face. We exchanged compliments and danced with each other, then we took a selfie.


See this is why I love the EDM scene. It’s so positive. You can walk into a room and likely someone will come up to you just to have a conversation. I’ve been talking to so many people, I love it. Shit and guess what, I found my second IG fan!! This girl I met at NGHTMRE. She came up to me last night and was like “Weren’t you at NGHTMRE” “YESSSSS girl I was,” and then I instantly recognized her. She was the girl in the blue shirt, “Life would be a NGHTMRE without you.” You know, I’m not opposed to 7e40c151-6a2d-4917-88c3-518a914abde4.jpegbecoming a fucking hood star. I’m starting to feed off of being recognized. So please everyone, join the FeFeline pack. Plus I love a good selfie that #LumeeLight gives life. Let me get back on track. I chose to start to write this blog to get black people more interested in EDM, well SayMyName is doing that all by himself. The crowd was still majority white, but this was the most black people I’ve seen at a show. All them MF was getting it!! I was so happy. There was this group of cute black chicks, the dark-skinned girl had her natural fro just a banging to the music, I was so in love, I asked if I could record her. ​She had her natural hair flowing to the music; #HairGoals

domnserg backdrop

Dom & Serge opened and they did a great job. They were interactive with the crowd and into the music. They perform as a duo and I thought they were an excellent open to the main act. Their music was still within the same genre and if it wasn’t it was close enough. If I had to guess they are either trap, hard style or dub step, which to me are one in the same. As long as the music has big bass and booming beat it’s all the same to me. I’m still not at the point where I can differentiate the different genres. Working on that y’all.

Dom & Serg carried the crowd and warmed us up. I feel in the future they will have their own performance, I thought they were that good. Here I am getting it, to their sound.

Now I know what it is to be a #FanGirl. At 30 minutes after midnight SayMyName was on. I heard the intro and immediately started recording. He greeted DC as every DJ would in each city. As he prepared to drop his hard-hitting beats he placed his signature black hood over his blonde locs. Since I was so close to the booth, I could see him preparing his tracks, turning knobs, sliding keys and pressing buttons. All of a sudden he dropped the Destiny’s Child hook “Say my name say my name you acting kinda shady, ain’t calling me baby why the sudden change.” Whoooa, the crowd goes wild and you can see the intensity in SayMyName’s face. You can tell he takes his shit seriously, but is also into it, no more like in love with it.

When he let that fucking beat drop and got fucking hype with his music, lights blaring, that’s when the fuckery began. Like I said, my ass was lit and I showed my ass as such. I was so hype. I love how you can get your entire body involved with his music whether it’s fist pumping, head banging, booty shaking, a slow wind, stomping of your feet or jumping up and down. You can do it all at some point in his set. He held no bars.

I held my spot down front and center, ever since the time Dom&Serg were on. Since I was so lit, I did need something to hold me up and that booth was it. All the fucking head banging had me dizzy and off-balance at times. Well worth the vertigo though. With my inhibition down, euphoria elevated and a lot of attention placed onto me, I performed as I was expected to perform. I was fucking hot, and I danced like a stripper. I know I did it well since my snap chat blew up the next day… all the fuck boys dropped by the DM. I don’t do it for them though, I do it ’cause I know I look good and it’s fun dancing like a stripper. It started with Dom&Serg and continued throughout the night.

I didn’t care who was watching or what opinion they had of me I was going to enjoy that experience to the fullest, and I did just that. Proof of that were the shenanigans I  had going on all night. For example, I was able to grab ahold of the DJ booth to catapult myself to eye level of SayMyName, I mean that booth was pretty tall but I hopped above that barrier to see my fav DJ in action. This lady ain’t a tramp but I definitely was bouncing up and down like a trampoline. When leaving for the let out, one guy said that I looked like a cat trying to climb up the DJ booth. My response to him, “Yup I sure was!” Another highlighted antic was this other guy who apparently was watching me record myself booty popping and he felt it only right to lay his cheek on my cheek. I caught that on tape see.

I didn’t care who was watching or what opinion they had of me I was going to enjoy that experience to the fullest, and I did just that.

I had a great time, I didn’t mind being a performer for those who enjoyed watching. The female form in my opinion is beautiful, especially mines. With that sentiment, I say fuck it, go ahead and watch, just don’t touch. I don’t mind respectful or playful attention, and no one crossed the line last night. This crowd was so much better than the last 2 events. I fucks with the trap crowd hard, son.

Now, just as I expected it came time for the MF mosh pit. The last time, I had baby sis with me, so I stayed my ass on the rail, this time I was like fuck it… I’m going in son. I jumped in that bitch 3 times and almost died 2 out of the 3. I’m being dramatic, but them MFs did not care if I was female, and shit I didn’t care either cuz I pushed back just as hard. Honestly, I only slipped because the fucking floor was wet and slippery. On the 3rd mosh pit, I fell fucking hard and this white boy picked me up and asked if I was ok, I told his precious ass that I almost fucking died… we laughed and I skipped my happy ass back over to safety with Mya.

The night was so great, at the end we stuck around and I got a pic with my boo and had a small convo with him. He told me he wasn’t performing at EDC but he was saymyname fangirlgonna make a surprise visit. I told him I was gonna be there on Sunday only… what a coincidence.

I was sad that it ended at 2pm. It’s probably good that it did, because if I partied like this until 4am, that BWI flight really would have been the worse. Although the airport experience was trouble I made it to Chicago! Maybe I need to tell y’all about the airport in a mini blog post… In the meantime see these other cray vids from the SayMyName set 💋 @fefeline


I’ve noticed SayMyName always climbs the DJ booth and he did not let us down

SayMyName was dancing and stayed mad hype the entire time he played music!! Wow what a performer and they say DJ don’t do anything… well you ain’t gone to see the right DJ son.

Now this white boy gave NO FUCKS. He told me he was hit by a car that same day as a pedestrian struck. He had his neck collar in his stitched up hand. He showed me the mended laceration y’all. That MF bout to be paralyzed but atleast he went out head banging with SayMyName


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