KandyGem #12: SundayFunday at EDCLV part 1


Ooooh I’m so excited to finally be writing about EDC!!! I lost my got damned voice but I didn’t lose my fingers. No really guys I lost my voice, came down with a killer bout of bronchitis and to top it off I contracted fucking pink eye like I’m a baby child. Y’all thought I was gonna say an STD didn’t you? Well my outfit damn sure could have gotten me in trouble, but I’m actually a responsible freak. 😉 I was ready for EDC and EDC was ready for me. Finally, a zone where I can be a naked me!!

That acronym looks like roman numeral EDCLV. If not for the E, DCLV would translate to 655. I was almost hoping the roman numeral would end up having some kind of significance to be sign telling me to play the lottery. Then my ass could hit the PowerBall and be rich. But the number 655 means nothing to me. I like to pretend I can identify life’s signs, like when people dream of numbers and then win the lotto. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, so I guess I suck at it.

EDC LV wristband 2017
EDC LV wristband 2017 with claw teeth locking mechanism

I arrived in Las Vegas, one of the locations in which EDC is held #EDCLV. I had to immediately pick up my black market EDC wrist band. In 2013, Insomniac’s EDC stopped selling single day tickets and does not allow the resale of personal wristbands.

I found my sellers on Craigslist. Originally, I had found this young girl selling her band for Sunday admission for $150 with a down payment of half due immediately using Venmo. We were all squared away, until she arrived at will call on Friday and was told there was an issue with her registration so they issued a her a refund. When she gave me the news I went into panic mode.

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I immediately jumped back ontoCraig’s List and was relieved to still found several offers. IMG_1361The price didn’t change too much it was averaging $175 a band.  This one douche bag wanted a bidding war, nope I don’t have time for that dumb shit and that’s when I found Fred. Fred had 6 wristbands to sell at $175 a band. His group was from Las Vegas and they were returning to work Monday morning, meaning they had no use for the Sunday event.

It was actually impressive that 6 people over 2 days were able to get their wrist bands through security successfully. When you enter, the staff is supposed to check whether the white clasp is pulled snuggly around
your wrist. This prevents you from taking it off and giving it to someone. The white fastener has teeth that grip the cloth, so in theory once you tighten it, you can’t loosen it. So don’t cut off your circulation… Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 8.10.45 PM.png

BUT, there are always ways around the system. I found these youtube videos demonstrating how to take off a festival band without damaging it. You didn’t get this from me though… 🤐

I was in communication with Fred up until it was time to meet. That gave me some comfort since I was nervous about a craigslist sale, let’s just say I’ve been got on Craig’s List before.

This one time, my ex and I tried to buy 4 Redskins vs Ravens tickets. This was the first time we used Craig’s List for anything. We saw the warnings and thought we were being careful, but they still got us for $600. Them MF scammers be good!! This wasn’t one of those African phishing scheme asking random folk to claim a million dollars by sending money. No, these fuckers had a fake customer service website, I know because I contacted their customer service and was sent to a chat screen where an agent gave clear instructions on how to securely hand my money over to them. It was good y’all they get A+ for presentation.

Needless to say, I was weary about this. But these great people were all honest. When the first girl’s ticket failed she returned my down payment using Venmo. When I arrived in Vegas Fred met me and had the perfect wristband waiting for me. Once I made it to the meet up and walked in I was greeted by Fred and his friend, “Aye here’s the VIP” I was taken aback by all this love that I asked what did I do to deserve that entry. Fred simply replied, “You walked in smiling.” Wow! That fucking blew me way because usually I have resting bitch face and people are telling me to smile. The energy of EDM was alive and flowing and that’s probably why I walked in smiling.

I got my band and met Mya at the resort. When I got there, she looked fucking wrecked; walking like a zombie and speaking in her raspy morning voice. Mind you, she did attend Friday and Saturday and it was only noon, so I guess its ok she looked a hot mess. I mean she did only have maybe 4 hours of sleep. I entered the room attempting to be quiet, but eventually I had awaken the whole crew so were not fucking happy with my ass, my bad y’all.

We had a genius leader who not only made everyone eggs and bagels and distributed a combination of vitamins and post rave supplements to be washed down with fruit juice. Very important, you must replenish after a night of raving!! IMG_0819He also was the one who created the spreadsheet of the line up a week earlier. He instructed everyone to star the acts they really wanted to see. Then plotted he out plotted out a plan of attack for each day. Which groups were going where and at what times to schedule the meet up spots. I was thoroughly impressed by the neurotic organization it made me feel comforted that we would be organized before everyone got fucked up. Since I had interrupted everyone’s sleep it was agreed we should go back to sleep before show time.

I slept fucking hard. I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I have narcolepsy, so without my “happy pills” I will fall asleep easily anywhere. Yea you read correctly, fucking narcolepsy. Not the Deuce Bigalow cataplexy, but excessive daytime sleepiness. Without a stimulant, and despite having more than 8 hours a sleep, I would become groggy, inattentive, and then I would sleep. Y’all, I’ve fallen asleep in the club next to a subwoofer before. The shit is real… So I curled my ass up in chair and slept peacefully. With narcolepsy, I tend to have vivid lucid dreams. I dreamt that I was at the casino playing roulette. I played 50 on red and won, then I played 50 on black and won. I was just about to play again when Mya woke me up. I had no idea where I was because last I knew I was at the casino with a handful of cash… Instead it was 4:30 and time to get dressed and that I had to do quickly since there were 8 people who had to get ready. Amazingly, I was fresh to def by 6ish. The only thing I didn’t have time for was food.

IMG_1265EDC, such a glorious play land. Located in Sin City on the motor speedway. When your on your way, you find yourself anxiously sitting in so much traffic. Our goal was to arrive at 7:30 and waze was gonna get us there at 7:34. As we drove, I finished up my make and took some selfies with the girls. Every time I would look out the window I would see another car with head banging youth, or outrageously dressed ravers or car with paint declaring their destination.

I was blessed to be with a crew who had everything planned out including premium parking. Sunsetting on Premium Lot
Our lot was so close to the entrance, that was def a perk. We hydrated, I ate a granola bar, took a group pic for another squad and then they took a group pic of us. I borrowed @noeel_swims totem for our pic, he did a really good job, I had to bum off him!


Then it was off to the gates.

I didn’t know how intense the process was. The first entry was the wristband check. They wanted everyone to show that their wristbands were on snug. I have no idea how Fred did it, but he successfully got 6 wristbands through during 2 days without it being tight. The next gate stop was for ID check and water pitstop. They had a building handing out free bottles of water. Trust, you think you haven’t walked far, but at 107 degrees you have. We all drank an entire bottle of water and headed for the bag check and pat down and then finally the ticket check was up ahead. They had high tech type entry. The white tightener on the cloth wristband scanned you into the event. Once my wristband glowed green I smiled massively because Fred came through. We took the opportunity to fill up water bladders and empty our own bladders. Ice cost a few bucks but is definitely necessary. Remember KandyGem #4 Some Rules for a Successful Rave, WATER and ICE was at the top! We also filled up misting bottles which will probably go on my rules of a successful festival (coming soon, after I go to Moonrise).

The game plan. We took a moment hash out and reiterate the meet ups. That way, if we ever were separated we knew where to go at a particular time. This is necessary, there are so many people, so many stages, the reception is terrible since ever MF is trying to text, call and snap, plus it allows for us to reevaluate the situation and make changes as needed.

We are finally ready to go through the tunnel. My heart is beating in anticipation because I can’t wait to see, hear and feel what’s on the other side. I proceed toward the light.

At this point I’m cheesing hard, it’s getting closer and closer and I can hear the crowd and light thumps of base. I can’t fucking wait. We began passage through the green tunnel and…

💋 @FeFeline.Kandy




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