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Kandy Gem #13: It’s F-ing EDC Man (part 2)

…all of the lights hit me. I was standing at the top of the bleachers and the skyline was amazing. I was so enamored I took a panoramic just to take in how huge this place was. img_1175.jpg

I immediately, like a child running towards an amusement park, descended the stairs dancing and hopping almost floating to the ground level. I’m too excited at this point. The smile hasn’t left despite the heat becoming distraughtly noticeable, since the number of people and operating machines has tripled at this level. The open and fresh air was gone and now your stifled, by desert heat mixed with body heat, but who gives a shit right? Plus I’m fucking naked so I’ll survive. Mya began misting everyone down and I instantly can feel the coolness of the ice water against my skin.

We forged forward for a whole 30 seconds and the music at Kenetic field had already taken 1 hostage. Bye Hunnty 😘 I bade adieu to one our pretty snuggle bunnies (that’s what I call the girls because I like to cuddle with them when feeling the music). I was sad but also unbothered because I knew she would be safe amongst the EDM crowd. It’s weird, but I’ve only been into EDM for a little over 2 months now and I feel secure that a female could walk in alone, and never have a problem. And I’m always on high alert.

See, its a long running joke, that when white people see a big black guy walking down the street, they cross and go to the other side, or clutch their purse or when in the elevator they cower in the corner in fear of being robbed. We know y’all do that shit, don’t play. That’s why the joke exist, cause too many people done experienced it so now they make light of it. Y’all probably think I dislike white people. Like this one 🙊 at work tried to accuse of disliking white women. Dawg, really, I talk about everyone. I am an equal opportunity shit talker, so don’t come for me. That was a big ordeal at work, I had to pull some cards out my back pocket for that one. Here’s your black lesson of the day, keep trump cards in your pocket. I listen, watch and store information that may be useful in certain situations, the trump card. You gotta be ready for when bitches come for you. Back to the original point,  I don’t generally trust anyone, Black, white, purple, green or yellow. I am an attractive female, and if I see a white guy walking down the street, Imma eyeball the shit out him, cause white people are serial killers and human traffickers. Shit you ain’t gonna have me tied up in no Mexican basement, Mr. White man… Fuck that shit. A big black guy can steal my purse all MF day if he wants, but I wouldn’t do to well as a sex slave…

Definition alert: Trump card– a reference to when playing card games such as spades; a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led; When used in slang it refers to stored information held on a person so when certain situations arrives you pull out your trump card on these bitches. That’s why you never show your hand son and play yo’ cards right…

The point I was trying to make was, our lone snuggle bunny was going to be OK by herself. We had a meeting spot and time so I would see her soon. The rest of us, we first stopped in the trance tent, QuantumValley. I was unmoved. As I discover my genre preference, trance is not my favorite. The more upbeat or mainstream trance, I can tolerate. Like people keep saying I need to see Above & Beyond*. I’ve also heard though, that A&B are not even really trance anymore, because they have become so mainstream. So IDK what to think.

*Side Note: I was supposed to see Above&Beyond the Friday after EDC, but due to illness, what I’m calling the fucking black plague, I was unable to attend. But Ameerah did and her ass got to press the button for the SECOND MF time!!!! What!?!?

We were at the trance tent to kill time until our first scheduled act was up (see schedule below). I took the down time opportunity to watch some people perform the flow arts. At this time there was a girl performing with the levitation wand and a member of our squad, Imma nickname him LightBright or LB for short, he was working the pod-poi. Turns out he was skilled in multiple flow arts; he operates the  fiber optic whips, poipods, and gloving. LB is a MF beast at what he does. I not gonna lie, I was amazed by lights so I stopped worrying about the music and was at least focused on that.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 4.07.10 AM

It was finally time to head over to Kinetic Field to hear Slander. At this point I was kinetic fieldoblivious to the fact that we had stopped. Turns out we were waiting to meet up with a chick that wanted to party with us. Normally not a problem, except the new girl had to go to the bathroom and that’s why we stopped and that’s what we were waiting for. Look, I never claimed to be a patient person, I’m quite impatient. I was tired of waiting… You couldn’t have done that shit before you met up with us? So now we gotta wait for you, huh princess? Like how long is this shit gonna take? ‘Cause like responsible well organized Ravers, we done already did our bathroom break... These were the thoughts that flooded my brain when I heard that we were waiting on this heffa to pee. I’m learning that when you roll deep with a crew, it’s an unspoken understanding that you will all stay together unless discussed. Sure that’s fine, but my legs were getting light and I was becoming anxious, I had officially hit my peak on the mountaintop and was feeling really nice. I could hear the boom of the bass and I couldn’t keep still. So I looped my arm into Mya’s and we skipped in circles. It was either that or I go crazy.

Side Note: Before I got into raves, I perceived these rave kids as fucking crazy. I can imagine the old Fe looking out at the festival and noticing a half naked butterfly and a practically naked black cat skipping around in a damn circle. I would probably would poke a friend and say to them,  “Look at these 2 MF idiots skipping around naked…” Well, now I am the idiot. But I had to keep moving, shit I was restless as fuck. If you decide to join the fun and come to an EDM festival you would understand… Now carry on 💁🏾

In my time distorting mind, I swear we were waiting for this girl for like 30 minutes too long. When I’m ready to dance and there’s a fucking obstacle impeding, I get irritated. There was my first lesson in the pros and cons of traveling with a large crew. So we waited. Once everyone was present and accounted for we entered under the arch donning the bug eyed owl to enter the stage area.

There were so many people. We migrated until we found a spot around these railing that surrounded the camera man. I needed that rail. One, I was feeling light, but two the rail enhances my dancing. I use it as a prop and a tool. You can do so much more while holding on to the railings. I wasn’t fucking satisfied though because the camera man was so far away from the DJ. I wanted to get up close, I mean all the way to the front. Everyone declined my request to migrate. So I said fuck ’em and dolo’d my way all the way to the front. It was probably better I went alone, it’s much easier for a female to slide to front than 8 people trailing. Once at the stage rail, I was getting my MF life. And then the camera came over, right in my face! Ooh I might have been on the live stream y’all.

Side Note: The live stream is a channel set up by Insomniac to give the poor unfortunate souls that could not make it to Vegas the experience of EDC. Remember on Friday I was watching, it made me jealous, but it did give you tingle of excitement to see the massive party take place. Read this article on how they make the magic happen. Behind the ExperienceAt one point I was Snap chatting my life away (by the way I had over 100 snaps and 13 minutes of a story that night), and PLURiend was like “put that fucking phone away let’s dance” well damn… what can you say to that, and he sho was right, so let’s dance!
Definition Alert: PLURiend– I just made this shit up. Ninjas be mashing words together all the time these days so why can’t I? PLURiend is a friendship or PLURship that blossoms spontaneously during a rave or festival. I had to find a term to use because my talkative ass be making friends all the damn time at
these things. These are friends of the moment. We rage and we move on in the wind, but that moment is forever ours, our PLURship. Apparently, you can also have a PLUR bae and I didn’t make that one up. Now to those of you who don’t know what PLUR is, well I apparently thought I did until I found Steve Aoki’s site. I did not know PLUR stood for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. All this time I was trading Kandies and did not know I was spelling PLUR!!! Mind fucking blown. Here’s a video of me teaching an event staff about Kandy trades and I didn’t even know my damn self…

Next on the squad’s itinerary was a meet up spot. At least I think it was. This part of the night was a blur. I just remember at some point in time we started heading over to CosmicMeadow for Yellow Claw and the fireworks. In route to the stage is when I got lost. No not lost in the music. I was MF lost, like a child in a department store type lost. Like make an announcement: Attention all Ravers, will the Rave Squad that came with FeFe please come to lost and found, type lost. What had happened was, I thought I yelled out “Hold up” loud enough… apparently I whispered, because I went to go snap the massive field full of people and looked back up and the MF crew was swallowed up by a sea of people. I was like Oh shit, I done fucked up. Deer in headlights, I just froze in position, and then I heard my government being yelled. One person from the squad was actually paying attention, LB had come to my rescue. I can tell you who didn’t notice I was gone… that heffa Mya. That bish tried to leave me. How she gonna be my assistant and she losing me already? She lucky I still love her ass, cause she bought to be fired from her volunteer position. 🤣

Luckily AT&T pulled through, unlike the Broccoli fest in DC 2 years ago where you couldn’t even find 1 bar, I was able to place a successful phone call and LB and I were reunited with the group. CosmicMeadow was littered with bodies lounging on the turf. Somehow no one was stepped on. This is where I got my first experience with gloving.  I don’t even know how to describe it. See I know as a medical provider, your eyes dilate and constrict when it is exposed to light. Your eyes also do a good job of compensating but when you stare at something long enough it leaves a temporary impression seen as an image that is not actually there. This mixed with the swirling of the existing light 2 inches from your face causes a indescribable illusion and feeling. It’s rather hypnotizing, therefore I was gloved 3 times!! Then, I found a PLURiend to boost me on his shoulders. Ain’t nothing like being above the rest and looking over the vast. This friend was big and strong so not only was I boosted but I could dance and he could tolerated my weight. Being a girl is great!

After YellowClaw wrapped up at CosmicMeadow, Mya and I decided to split from the group until the next meet up time. Me and Mya explored BassPod and CircuitGround. Once we got there it was hard style EDM and it brought me back to life again, my second wind had rushed into me. Me and Mya were gliding through the crowd when all of a sudden… DRUUUUUWOOP!! It went pitch black, the lights turned off and the music stopped playing. Factiously, I yelled out “I know the show ain’t over.” The crowd stood there chattering and speculating about what was going on. Could it be a surprise act, was there a fire, a medical emergency, was the event getting shut down. A good 5 minutes had passed, and finally the lights returned and we could hear the DJ bragging “Aye EDC, I did it again!!” Excision done blew out the MF fuse apparently he did the same shit last year! I guess his shit be too hot for the systems to handle and guess what?! His ass will be at Moonrise and I’ll get to see him again.

Since the power was fucked, Mya and I used this time to go to our last meet up location. Everyone checked in alive and well. Mya’s friend Dasha made it to this meet up. Mya said she had been trying to link up with Dasha all weekend, but her friend was just like me, ADHD and never on time. But Dasha made it, and I’m glad she did because that girl gave me life. Us 3 decided to go explore as a group. Our plan was to get back to CircuitGround for Joyryde who will also be at Moonrise!

Joyride was banging!! He had these glowing acrobatic dancers on stage and the music crank. That shit was lit from beginning to end. At this stage, i found this big blue barrel and naturally I went to go climb on top that MF, but my ass wasn’t fast enough because I got beat by this big ass white boy. Dawg, I was so annoyed, like really dude, you not gonna let a half naked female get up there and dance. He was wearing a white T, these big ass black cut off sweatpants and some dirty ass AirForces. Needless to say, he was not naked. Every time I thought his ass was about to get down I was MF wrong. Nope, he was bending down to pull up another guy to join him. Ahhh, it clicked then, you gay huh sir?? No wonder he wasn’t fazed by not letting my naked ass get up there.

Finally 15 min later, in real time not my distorted time, his ass got the fuck down and it was my turn. I was up there getting my life and literally 30 seconds later of me being in the spot light, a girl came over to video me dancing. Now see, his ass didn’t get recorded… MF tryna steal my stage. Get yo big ass out the way and let this little star shine bright like a diamond. I was only up there for maybe 5 minutes and security came over and told me get down. REALLY? You gonna let dirty Air Forces dance forever, meanwhile I gotta get down. So you’re tryna tell me, that you didn’t see that tall ass MF but you saw my 5’3 ass? Fucks you dude… They don’t want us to have our time to shine *In the voice of DJ Khalid. HeHeHe… DJ Khalid. Heard they don’t want him to get no shine time at EDC either!! Ooop 🙊 #BooedOffTheStage

After Joyryde, we just roamed the venue. We considered riding some of the rides, but didn’t want to be bothered by the long lines. Plus EDC was coming to an end soon and if we stood in line and didn’t even get to ride… you wanna talk about pissed. So instead we enjoyed each other’s company and the scenery. Me and Mya ordered $10 icees, which should have been made of gold, but instead it was made with High AF love. It took this man 40 minutes to make 4 drinks. There were only 2 people in front of us, so why did it take this bastard so got damn long he wasted so much of our time, I was so annoyed. There was so much wrong with this stand… first off, each slushi was $10 each, expensive AF but ok it’s festival. Then they had run out of strawberry, ok but whatever. What bothered me the most was the guy that was making the slushies. I swear he was dropping acid or had eaten some shrooms because his ass was moving fucking backwards; sooooo fucking  slow. The cherry on top, the shitty ass icees were nasty. They had an after taste, like that fake sugar, aspartame. Blaahh a waste of $20 we didn’t finish them.

Standing there at the nasty slushy stand, because Shroom man took so long, we paralyzedwatched the dawn break and the sun began to rise gradually signifying the end. That’s when it started to hit us, the night was over. Rather then allow it to end just yet, we hiked it back to the trance tent to dance just a little bit more… and then they kicked our ass out. That’s when it was official. It was over. We had partied from 7:30 pm to 6am. Back at the bleachers that led to the tunnel we had to take a break from it all. This was literally the first time either of us sat down since riding in the car. That processed thought hit me like a shit load of bricks because comprehending that fact seemed to make my legs hurt more and they didn’t wanna work anymore. My legs were like “fuck you FeFe you tried to paralyze us last night, so we’re on strike bitch.” So me and Mya laid across the benches to recoup.

That was an Epic night y’all. This story has not ended though… Come back for a mini entry. Getting back to Bmore was some shit. 💋 FeFeline

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Side Note: Notice my voice that was the beginning of the end of health it went downhill from there…

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