KandyGem #19: Night 2, 3 & Tea

This is a continuation of KandyGem 18, I was back at SoundCheck. I noticed the owners of EchoStage and SoundCheck has begun throwing more parties at the smaller venue. This is great news since you more options and more events to attend. Thus the reason for my 3 day back to back party! Well 2/3 of the reason. This night I went out with my number one rave rider, Mya. We were headed to LA Riots at SoundCheck. 

Let me preference this with this entry is old AF, but I took some time off and I’ve been studying. I needed to pass my Boards, and guess what? I fucking did not. I should be pissed but I’ve gotten over it. If by “gotten over it” consist of making smart ass remarks under my breath, then yup I’m over it. People are just now finding out, well people find out if they ask about the exam, otherwise I’m not shout out over the mountains to let everyone know, nor is it a secret. I’m pretty sure people are thinking to themselves, see yo ass should’ve been study instead of partying. But I’ve been studying my whole life. No literally, I’ve been in MF school since kindergarten, no matter of fact pre-school, and I felt like living so I did. Now, if those people with unsolicited opinions dare say shit to my face… Then I’ll have to become defensive and tell them to mind they MF business bitch! And I don’t wanna have to do it, but I will. Cause if I wanna piss my life away, I can do that shit 😒, but I’m not. I’m focusing on balancing work and play and it’s time to play fuckers.

Now I gotta remember what happened that night because July was a long ass time ago and the storage in my brain was pushed away for nursing facts… that didn’t help my ass anyway. Basically, what I’m saying is when I finally get my videos posted, that’s where you can get the full story, because I can’t barely remember shiiiiittttt…

As for what I do recall…

Night 2: Friday July 21, 2017

Me and Mya took our asses on down to DC to get our life, per usual. The night started off with a guy who couldn’t park. Like no really, this MF literally parked a compact car into 2 parking spots and it took him a really long time just to do that. Two cars were originally in the parking spot. They both left at the same time. I remember this, because I said to Mya “Dang we didn’t even have to squeeze into this spot, we could’ve gone parked there easily… but I’m not moving.” Seconds later, we watched the dumb ass line up next to the double parking spot, pull in reverse, pull forward, adjust the wheel, reverse again, adjust the wheel, pull forward, adjust the wheel, reverse again, pause for a year, readjust the wheel, pull forward some more, adjust, reverse and then finally park. All while another car was waiting because they were going to park in the other parking spot, but they eventually left.

It didn’t help that his non-parking ass was Asian. No offense to the Asians of the world, but he just added points to the stereotype of the “bad Asian driver.” Meanwhile, as I said, I had just finished parallel parking my mid size IS into a tight ass city parking spot that Mya thought I couldn’t fit into. Sir, literally 2 cars pulled off before you arrived and you still couldn’t get your circus clown car into that bus stop size parking spot. I gave him a piece of my mind, cause these fools gotta learn and he prevented that second car from parking. Stop fucking up the city parking!! If you can’t drive/park take Uber boo.

At the entrance of the club, we stepped in line and approached the bouncer who was staring at my ass so long he forgot to check my bag. Mya caught his ass lurking ass and was dying laughing the whole time. He started trying to rap me up, spitting game when all I wanted to do was to get in for free. We had 8 minutes to get to the ticket booth and meet the midnight time restriction for the guest list we were placed on courtesy of @alyce.whiteee.

Issa smile
New Year’s Resolution, 2018: Be On Time

Yea, we were late. At this point we should all know why my crew be late… Me. Turns out though, that it didn’t matter that we were late, because my ass got us in for free anyway. No literally, my ass cheeks and the attention they drew got us in for free. The bouncer told me to relax he got us. He said, as long as he was at the door, we were always gonna be free. I told him don’t say that ’cause we gonna be coming here and I will expect his word to be bond.

He walked us past the line, past the ticket desk, he said a lil something to his homie at the ropes and let us in free. Yay to being a woman. Ladies, if you have not yet discovered the power of the Lotus Flower, then you need to catch the fuck up. Guys think they are in control, society disillusions those who are naive to believe men are in control, but in reality women determines all decisions if they choose to.

img_1866Once inside, to enter the club you gotta walk down this long hall the leads straight back to the restrooms. To your left there are 2 entrances that open to the dance floor. Past the second entryway, at the end of the hall, we found a corner with some lighting, bright enough to capture a snap shot of our cute faces. With the assistance of my give me life Lumee case we posed for the camera.

This Lumee case comes in handy. I use it illuminate the club when I need to walk through, most times when people see the light they just get out the way making a Moses like, part the seas path. I also use it as a glow stick, on rocking songs, I’ll turn on the light, put my hands and air and wave them around like I just don’t care. Lastly, I consider myself to be the Lumee Fairy. See the light makes your skin glow because it doesn’t use harsh white light. It uses a lower color temperature and appears warmer or more yellow making your skin glow while also just making a dark picture brighter. So when I see people taking pictures and struggling I just shine the Lumee and always the reaction is “Yaaaassss, the at light where did you get it from?” My answer for everything… Amazon.

Now to those people who actually read my adventures and pay attention to details, you may notice that I am wearing the same shorts from the night before. You fucking right I wore them bitches two nights in a row! I have no shame so don’t be coming for me and throwing shade my way.  It’s the worse is when you wear a cute ass outfit and it didn’t get the proper attention that it deserved. Thursday night did not give my booty shorts the audience they deserve so I had to wear them again. I did atleast change my top though…

Definition Alert- Throw Shade: To hate on a friend or acquaintance by talking trash, making a rude remark, injecting a slick comment publicly to denounce or disrespect they ass. When throwing shade, sometimes it’s immediately obvious to on-lookers that the thrower, is going in on the receiver. However, some shade that is being thrown in the direction of a recipient, is not easily ecognized by those present as the thrower is uniquely skilled in using words to covertly slide a fool. Those precious moments are priceless. Especially if noticed by just one person other than the thrower, thus requiring anyone present that correctly interprets the comment to say, “Ooooop, Shade” while shaking their head at the brazen disrespect.

As soon as we hit the dance floor the music was popping. Instantly started getting my life. Instantly began interacting with new PLURiends. Instantly was into the show and music. I noticed there was another guy fucking up the beat for the 2 night in a row. I call him Mr. Clouds. He was wearing a loose, oversized denim button up with clouds all over. He had long silver hair and was loving life.

Then there were the shuffle boyz. They had a corner in front that they had taken over.  The shufflers were hype as fuck. And that’s why I can’t do trance EDM; they don’t be getting hype like these fuckers be getting hype. I need the madness that the bass brings to the floor. On top of that, the people in this environment are more relatable to me.

Now just because I can relate to these people more than trance people, doesn’t mean I’m foolish and cannot acknowledge that this crowd also has some “special souls” amongst them too. There were definitely some party fouls witnessed by people who don’t know how to act!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 2.21.42 AMFor example this one dude was watching me and Mya dance on each other. I don’t blame him ’cause I mean, we were kinda grinding hard AF. I saw him and watched him stare. He damn near drooled all over the floor. If I let him continue on they would’ve needed a damn caution wet floor sign or I someone could’ve slipped and broke they neck.

He noticed, that I noticed, him staring and he was like “Oh, I just like watch.” To which I responded, “that’s fine.” Until he crossed the line and tried to touch me. Bitch… hol’ up! When did watching, involve touching? Just in case he couldn’t resist my chocolate skin, I decided to make it real easy for him, Me and Mya walked away, and I eyeballed the shit out of him, to say bitch I don’t play these games sir.

So can you see the difference between this guy’s horny, yet straight forward total disregard to follow instructions, asshole approach versus the trance creeper’s silent lurking to come from behind to get real close until his little penis is pressed up against my body while he pretends it’s so crowded that he has no place go but up against me. I feel quiet lurking is way more disturbing, but maybe that’s just me.

⏸ Now I’m gonna have to interrupt the story right here. Like I said, my weeks have been hella busy and I could not manage my blog and studying. So I’m gonna fast forward cause I can’t write what I don’t remember. ⏩

▶️ The night was great, the DJs were bomb and the it ended with Me and Mya skipping down the street hand in hand. Although I don’t recall most of the events, I know that night I found my RaveBae for life. She likes the same EDM music as me, dresses half naked with me, laughs at my blog and will roll out to any event with me at the drop of a dime. So yes we skipped down the MF streets of DC. Happily Ever After.⏹

Oh yea, here’s a quick run through of my Day 3 so you can see how busy my weekend was. My friend had her Bachelorette party. We stayed in a swanky hotel, went to a pool party, drank a lot, it got rained on so we went to dinner early, drank at dinner, afterwards got dressed up, arrived to the club all posh and shit, had a table, drank a whole bunch more, dance a little too much to Caribbean beats and Hip Hop, I got a number from a cute guy, left the club, went back to the hotel, decided pizza was necessary, hit the streets again and landed at &Pizza (major key, always crowded always good), made it back to the room, passed the fuck out. Now that I’ve finished that…

Quickly before I deuce out, I shall vent. My boards, they can suck a dick. I was so pissed off that I failed, but like I said, I’m over it. Well mostly over it. Not really over it… But naw really, Imma get over that shit.

I fucking studied for this bitch. Regardless of the outside perspective. Did I study every day? Fuck no! It’s summer time that was not gonna happen. I did a 3 day review course, I was answering prep questions and as it got closer to the date I buckled down and that’s when I did the every day shit. Thus, not having a blog entry for 3-4 weeks. Look, look at this text convo the night before the exam…



Y’all, those notes were both back and front. So as you can see I spent a lot of fucking hours studying, and for fucking what? To pay $300 all over again and spend the end of my summer still studying for some bullshit ass yet necessary standardized test 😫😫😢🤧 But I told y’all I’m not mad any more… RME 🙄.

Let me just get this last piece off my chest and then I’m done. When I walked out of that exam room, I was so fucking disgusted. I didn’t have a good feeling in the first place. Matter of fact, driving up to the test center it started to rain and I said to myself “Grrr, rain signifies death, I don’t see a funeral so it’s probably the death of my test,” JINX! Right there is probably when I was doomed.

I had spoke to people who already took the test and passed and they said there was a lot of cardiac and pediatrics questions. So I made sure I knew that shit off top. Didn’t help because what the fuck did I get tested on… Adult Dermatology. In case your not familiar, pediatric diseases are learned separate from adult, so I knew all the childhood skin disorders but was not strong in the common adult skin conditions. Shit!! So now I gotta wast more time studying, and try and pass this fucking test. Problem is, I’m over it. I don’t have time for this bullshit.

Now that you’ve gotten that tea, sit down have some more.

I stumbled across a great opportunity to write for a magazine!! I have accepted a position as a writer for EDM World Magazine. They are strictly an e-Mag and they focus on everything EDM. I will have the opportunity to explore the EDM world even closer and from a really cool point of view.

Therefore, you will still be hearing me run my big ass mouth, just a little less frequently in the blog. I’m not discontinuing my blog though, this is my baby. Plus I paid WordPress for a year subscription and I’m too cheap to waste that shit. I will warn y’all that I probably will have way more errors in my future shit, because of the time restraints. I hope it doesn’t bother you as much as I know it’ll bother me. #UndiagnosedOCD

Future posts, I still gotta tell y’all about Lollapolooza in Chicago and Moonrise in Baltimore… I still plan to get my videography section up and running that way y’all will be able to watch all my past rave adventures and future. Plus you’ll be able to fill in the gaps of this half assed told story…

In October, my first published article will be featured and it’s my personal EDM story. Please subscribe to the magazine, so you can catch all the cool things I’ll be into and also keep following along with my blog!

EDM World Website: http://edmworldmagazine.com/

EDM World Free Trial: bit.ly/edmworldfreetrial

EDM World VIP Music Membership: http://edmworldmagazine.com/vip/

Stay tuned guys, I have great plans ahead!✌🏾chunking up the dueces!

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