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KandyGem #21: Mud Moonrise Eclipse

Yes I know I’m hella slow. Moonrise was a long fucking time ago but I’m here now… so stfu and how bout we get started. Let’s begin quickly with the wedding first. I’m not really a wedding person, but I’m starting to realize I’m at the phase of life when everyone is either getting hitched or knocked up. Who: NWFs
What: 2 day Music Festival
When: August 12 &13, 2017
Where: Pimlico Race Track; Baltimore, MD
DJs: RL Grime, Snails, Flux Pavilion, Zeds Dead, Pretty Lights, Porter Robinson, YellowClaw, Carnage, Ookay, Joyryde

My really good homie L dot got married the same day as Moonrise. Every day leading up to that Saturday, I was trying to figure out all the different possible ways of how I was gonna work this scheduling conflict out. I mean I can’t seriously say that I didn’t contemplate missing the wedding but I knew deep down inside I wasn’t going to. Yea naw… It definitely crossed my mind quite a few times. But I ain’t that cruddy. It’s like when you dream of fucking someone else and your laying right next to your man. You not really doing it but you feel guilty thinking about it too.

Left to Right: Friends since 2007; O, the bride Ldot, and of course me!

The ceremony was very nice and the bride beautiful. However, I was fucking over it by 2 o’clock. What can I say I’m kinda addicted to this EDM shit. I was up in that bitch sweating like a crackhead in withdrawal. Except it actually was fucking humid af because it rained that morning and sun decided to shine that afternoon. Maryland weather can really fuck you up in the summer.

So it was love, love, I do, I do, kiss, kiss, scarf down food, champagne toast, first dance, and I gots to go. I gave my good wishes and hugs, said my congratulations and goodbyes and just about flew down the highway.

I arrived at Moonrise maybe about 5 o’clock the party was lit already the line wasn’t long cuz I got there hella late. The bag check was going through everything. I was like really, you gonna open up that side pocket too. I guess that’s what happens when you’re the only MF in line. They got all day to fucks wit ya.

Once in, I had to find the crew. Do you know how hard it is to find your peoples with zero reception? I mean not even a half a bar. I was able to get the meetup through just before the straw broke the camels back. It was as if one more person hopped into the tower and my reception went dead. I couldn’t receive or send messages for the rest of the day. They should really offer Wifi in that bitch. Even if it’s a service you have to pay for it’s worth it.

In the future, I will need to download one of those apps that use Bluetooth to message for example FireChat because that was some bullshit. I probably stood around wasting life looking like a kitten who lost her parents. Ironically my cat bag is technically a children’s backpack leash yet I still found myself lost…

I was lost for a good 20 to 30 minutes when randomly Ameerah ran into me. I was so happy to see a familiar soul. It was like the heavens parted and Aaaaaaaah a miracle occurred and I don’t even believe in heaven. Well thank you to somebody’s God I appreciate the assist.

Soon after Ameerah I finally found my boo Mya and then the rest of my girls. Thus the party can commence! For all of 10 minutes and then half the group was missing again. It was like that all fucking weekend. We had imagined our big group being together because how do you get 6 nurses from the same unit off all on the same weekend. That’s damn near impossible. Who the fuck was saving lives when the department was up at Pimlico. It was just the nurses either hella professional were up in that biotch. If you don’t know… ravers have some of the most astounding careers but when they up in that bitch, professionalism goes out the fucking door. Myself included.

That’s why my black friends are worried about my reputation. Well if I ever pass my certification and become an NP and if the basics of the world find out I rave and don’t want me as a provider… well I guess I’ll have 2 become provider with the industry because I’m not giving up the other half of me because some people will hold a stereotype against me. Fuck you basic bitches

Definition Alert- Basic Bitch: a person who is lame af. They follow all the rules to the T, especially in fashion. Can’t mix and match patterns… why the fuck not? Bc yo ass is basic. Heels should only be in black and brown and 1 inch from the ground. Dawg you basic AF. Complaints that the cleavage line is low… basic bitch stfu. Essentially if you basic, you dry as hell and ain’t nothing wrong with that unless you try and push that basic shit on me. Cause I’m colorful af. Shoutout to the basic bitch at Lolla that told me to pull my pants up and stop showing my thong 🖕🏾

I was able to party for an hour to Snails and then we got the announcement at about 6:15pm! “Take y’all asses to the bleachers we evacuating dis bitch because of the storms a coming!” Wel, they didn’t really say it like that but that’s what I heard. I died inside. I ran away from my friend’s wedding finally found my peeps and an hour in we were being shut down. It was like the dealer sold me some crack that was cut so much I didn’t even get my fix.

We made it to the evacuation site and had to make some tough decisions. Ride it out or go home. We eventually chose to go back to the house. I just knew the night was done. There was no way they would let us back in. Was there enough of the night remaining that would be worth salvaging?? Well the Moonrise coordinators surprised the hell out of me.

So our rave family (peeps from Lolla) who we never found but had stayed behind, called us to tell us that reentry began at 9:15 pm. Not everyone wanted to go, but when you got that one ride or die that’s down for whatever and your the same for that person you always got a party. Mya is that rider and took our asses right in back to the party. We were met with mass ravers making they way back in and mud!!

Reentry began with tiptoeing through the mud, the gently treading to man fuck did shit we gonna get dirty anyway type attitude. I was sloshing and skipping my little ass through the fields of mud. No worries. I had on my Vibram which are essentially pool shoes. We went straight to the tent and it was an all mud fest. If I had been with my black friends we would be too cute to be fucking with that shit. But I was amongst my NWFs so mud was not a problem. We all know white boys love to do dumb shit like five in the mud. Now I was cool with splashing but I having subscribed completely to the give no fucks whititude yet. So I let the white boys have the mud diving and I stick to mud stomping. Just as satisfying and less germy. I’m still a nurse and I know what resides in that MF murky ass water… splash drip drip drip splash MF now you in the hospital with some flesh eating bacteria 😷

We were at the tent for Flux Pavilion and that shit crank. I think that was my first time seeing that DJ and he made my list. We closed our night with Zeds Dead and I saw him first at Lolla and he did not disappoint at Moonrise. Those 2 sets made the rain not feel so bad but I was sad I missed Kaskade and Afro Jack.

img_2363The next day was awesome. The weather was awesome (look at those beautiful ass blue skies), plus I got the meetup on time. Now granted, I literally got there right on time, with enough time to park, and run barefooted to Uber. But because I made it, I didn’t have the struggle of finding people with no reception.

In addition to my barely punctual arrival, Andy, who I now call Rave Daddy (not to be confused with Strict Daddy (SD)), had his big ass Texas and Maryland flag totem. It stood 10 ft in the air via a telescoping pole. And that’s why I call him Rave Daddy. He has raving down to a science and he passed all that knowledge down to me.

So we don’t confuse Rave Daddy with Strict Daddy, who are both Asian and we all know all Asians look alike. Well all white boys, Middle Easterns, oh and Ethiopians all look alike too. Well, in my world, fuck… everyone looks the same except black people. (I’m just playing y’all no panties in a bunch).

Anywho, let’s combine Andy and Rave Daddy and the fact that he has to have undiagnosed ADD and call him Go So Hard Andy the Rave Daddy aka GoSo HARD Not only did GoSo HARD pass down his knowledge but he passed down his ravely possessions to his only rave daughter, me. I inherited his panda spirit hood, his telescoping totem pole (major key), his ear protection buds, his Kandi making beads, some glow sticks and other random supplies. All of that stuff came so in handy. I love my GoSo HARD. He did me a solid and got me on my feet. Now, look at me. Full grown raver.


I was with Mya and the girls the first half of the day and my rave daddy the second half. There was no way our group of approx 25 people were gonna stay organized and together. I did even really get to party with my rave family (from Lolla) they were there and I pretty much missed them the whole weekend.  The vibe of the crowd was fucking awesome. Now compared to the week before at Lolla this crowd was more Rave in tuned. There were exchanges of Kandi, everyone was happy, the outfits were in alignment of the EDM culture I was at an mini EDC. I was told Moonrise was good but EDC was life changing. I’d have to agree. Had I done Moonrise before going to EDC I would have thought this little fest was the best thing since slice bread. But I was tainted by EDC. don’t get me wrong Moonrise was great but it ain’t EDC.

My outfits though were EDCesk. This festival allowed me to get back into my rave mode opposed to Lolla which I had to be a modified FeFeline 🙄

Oh but my collector pins doe… So far, hands down the best collectors pins. Lolla started my desire to collect this festival solidified my desire to continue this expensive ass collection. Each pin runs you around $20. One of GoSo  HARD’s friend had a collection that I envy and Sky from the rave family also has a collection. Mine, on the way to becoming litty.

I had too much fun at Moonrise. Let’s just say I can’t wait until next year. I have a feeling that Moonrise is gonna blow up to become a great festival in this region. They did a great job of hosting and they are only in their 5th year. Apparently, Moonrise fucked up royally in their first year, but we all make mistakes right? They just better keep it tight, because from what I saw on Sky’s Snapchat a week later, Moonrise will have competition as DC too held a festival a week later. It looked pretty good, but I was also watching from work coming down from my post fest blues. Even still, I may have to look into that one for next year. Local is always nice, it saves you hella money. You don’t have to say in overpriced shitty ass hotels like the Essex Inn. Yeah, I bought them MF back up again. Fuck them.


As you can see I had a MF ball. I can tell you some people who didn’t have a ball. The MF in VIP. See my friend *wink wink, works security. That’s me wearing his black hat, and let us into the VIP. We were in VIP for the Yellowclaw set. Who by the way fucking rocked “Don’t stop, Shake dem titties, Pop Dat Pussy, Doo Doo 💩 Brown.” well they weren’t doing any of the above and they were the definition of some basic bitches in that area.

How you gonna act bougie AF 1) during a Yellowclaw set and 2) at a MF rave. They were dry AF, but I tried to turn up with them anyway and they just look at me like I was crazy, all while I looked back at them like they were crazy. I would never want to go to a festival and pay for VIP to party with them. I would only pay for VIP to have a comfortable place to sit. But I’m a party animal, no pun intended, so that would still be a waste. I never sit down at a festival. My favorite part of VIP was having the rail all to myself. See the pic of Mya taking a selfie. That’s us on the rail, not a soul around, well except the souls on the other side of VIP slammed like sardines. Welp, I used every inch of that rail, meanwhile, my security friend wink wink let me know he was watching me put that rail to good use. 😁

Well, I’m tired of writing and I know y’all tired of reading. So Imma end Moonrise with this… The moonrise fest lead up to the solar eclipse days later. I ddn’t have those glasses because organized white folk had bought them all up. You know I do everything last minute man. But I said I was gonna go anyway. So I grabbed 3 pairs of sunglasses, my picnic blanket, some fruit, ice water, my tarot cards and my crystals (so they can be re-energized). I loaded my dogs and I went to the park.

Well, here is an eclipse tip for ya, 3 fucking sunglasses ain’t gonna do shit for you! Luckily I met a beautiful spirit at the park, Rachel. I knew we were soul mates, she had her tent, fruit, and crystals! Immediately she asked if I had glasses, and offered me her extra pair. I got to see the Eclipse. That shit was fucking amazing. Maryland wasn’t in the path of totality, but was still amazing. I love science so I’m glad to have been apart of the Moonrising Eclipse. 💎🍭😽

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