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KandyGem #22: Do the New You FeFe

My previous blogging style of storytelling was not fucking conducive to my lifestyle. It required me to write my long ass stories. If you know me personally or have read my blogs then you know I fucking talk a whole lot. My old boo Hakeem, the one I told y’all I kicked to the curb but has recently reappeared… we fucking bump heads like oil and vinegar but taste so fucking good… He loves to remind me that I never seem to STFU.

So because my stories are so elaborate, I can’t keep up with them and be writing for the magazine so I’m gonna change the style of blog. You gotta be flexible right? Not put your legs around your neck flexible even though I can do that too and the mens be loving my flexibility. Back on track with my ADD ass. I need to be flexible and reasonable with my situation. So for now on my blogs will be short snippets of how I view the EDM world through my recently deflowered eyes.

If you’re just tuning in and not willing to go back and read the beginnings of my stories that’s cool too. I just started raving in April that makes 6 months. Oh well look at here, I made it 6 months in this EDM world and have no concept of turning back. So I will continue to bring my boisterous opinions but it won’t be expressed in a long ass story…

So let’s get started and welcome to the new KandyGems experience.

Rave Families

How many people rave with their best homies. Ya MF day ones. And which one of y’all party with some random MF of misfits that meeting when there a festival going on. Either scenario is your rave family. I actually have 3 branches of the family.


Rave fam
My original day ones. They were with me for my first rave Missing gohARD cause he’s blog shy.

My very first Fam lead by the patriarch Rave Daddy aka go hARD (doesn’t like to be photographed) and matriarch MyA. gohARD actually just retired and passed down all his ravely possessions to me. MyA is still showing me the ropes. This bloodline includes my NWF, who I started hanging out with around the same time I started listening to EDM.


rave fam
MyA put me down with this crew who loves to travel to the big festivals

Then I have family from the matriarch side (friend# of MyA) which includes Strict Daddy aka SD. These are the family members I attend large out of state festivals. They love festival life. Each member does a different flow art performance.

The last branch is actually from this past weekend. This is my very own group created from my rave experience. See the patriarch side are friends from work. The matriarch side is MyA’s rave experience. She told me how she SD at a festival and ever since then she has been going to raves with them. Just how I found my little crew of headbangers, at the Corona beach party feat Audien.

Rave Fam
My new rave fave that I randomly went on a trip to NJ for the High Caliber fest

How do you know if this rave family is for you? Well, first you gotta be open minded being. I can rock with 90% of people. They’re always gonna be those MFs that are just dicks and we never are gonna get along. Then, there are the people who can just tolerate your ass and vice versa those you can only tolerate. Then there are the good vibe people. You just find each other or drawn to each other. But wait there’s more. Once your auras match and each other, the right circumstances have to occur. One of you has the bright idea to invite the other to show. After that, the future is all up to you guys.

I had this perfect alignment of occurrences happen. The matriarch of this family Dottie is the central person where most of the connections branch from. She brought with her her best friend Malay her high school buddy Jake and D Dawg found Malay on Radiate, the Tinder of raves. And me, Dottie found this little black cat on one of Dolo adventures. I happen to not have anything to do on a night off, so I said fuck it I’m going to Echostage. It happened to be the free Corona Electric Beach Party.

This past weekend I sealed the deal with my little headbanger family as we drove up to New Jersey for High Caliber fest a brand new Bass festival that occurs on a battleship. It was good times. But the best was the fact that us random group people who don’t know each other can hang out and get the fuck down with no problems. But as I’ve demonstrated with my 3 rave family lines this kinda shit happens all the time. Ravers are always adopting little PLUR babies. People they absorb from amongst the crowds and adopt them into their family.

rave fam
We never knew each other and this was our very first time hanging out but somehow we matched

What’s that say? Six months into the MF game and I have 3 rave families… means imma have to save money to afford these moves we about to make. Like EDC Orlando, that can be my next event with this new family. I gotta decide quickly it’s coming up soon. Pretty sure it’s gonna go down. I got the time and the money so why the fuck not. Fuck it… me and the fam we going to Disney World bitches.

Go out and find your rave family. Your only a festival away from new weird ass experience. Or you can remain a weirdo loner, the choice is yours. You literally can find you a party crew if you try. Shit, you can probably be a little PLUR orphan if you wanted and bounce from family to family. Whatever you choose just get out there and fucking live, meet people and rage dawg.



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