KandyGem #23: BS Punk A$$ Shooter

So everyone is reeling about the Las Vegas shooter. That asshole that it to e a good idea to check into the Mandalay Bay resort, cowardly perch above a crowd and shoot a semi automatic weapon and people that never did anything to him. I’m tired of these bitch ass MF shooting from afar at unarmed people. So your a man huh??? No bitch, your Pussy ass MF cuz if you were a real man you wouldn’t be shooting at unarmed people for no reason.

So some say these terrorist are making a point. Well bitch how bout you make a point and go after the people that your making a point to. These people were partying and listening to music I’m pretty sure they are not the ones you are mad at. This MF we still don’t know what point he was trying to make.

All I know is… I’m tired of this fucked up ass world. And you know what’s coming next the ignorant ass MF people talking about, “don’t take our guns away!” Son, do you really need guns. Nobody really needs a gun and if we wanna argue a gun for protection… sure one MF gun not an entire arsenal of military type weapons.

Fuck the NRA, fuck them gun loving MF, fuck them pussy ass long distance shooters, fuck the government and everything they bitch ass niggas stand for. Y’all are what’s wrong with this world. Yes there are many more contributors to what’s wrong with this world but today it’s fuck y’all.

The scary thing is I read an article that says this fucker had 2 hotel rooms in Chicago the weekend of Lollapalooza. I was at Lollapalooza. I cried thinking about the scenario of him choosing that weekend over this past weekend. I don’t know what drove his decision but all I can say is I am grateful I was one of the lucky ones to not have crossed paths with this fucker. With that said, I’m also not gonna live my life scared because done rotten MF apples wanna ruin other people’s lives. I will not let these fuckers ruin my joy. I hope everyone else can still feel the same. You have one life and don’t let a dick head dictate it.

The last thing I have to say is RIP to all the people who lost there lives in this and past and unfortunately future instances of act of terror. Senseless Murder point blank.



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