KandyGem #27: That Rail Mary

Only the strong survive the rail. Make your way to front and hold it down cause your gonna be in a battle for the rest of the night!

I am a feisty little sucker when it comes to my rave life. I was at my second home Echostage for RL Grime this last weekend and at the end of the night I hugged up on my favorite bouncer in the club. He actually snuck up behind me and my booty and was about to get swung on… I was having boy issues during the show thinking my ass was for all to share. I turned and saw my boo standing there. The first thing he asked was “How the hell do you always make it to the rail?”Well people that is a good question that I never considered until bouncer boo asked. When you think about it, I do make miracles happen by making it to the rail every time. As I’ve mentioned in previous stories, it’s always easier to get there as a dolo agent. I don’t have to pull anyone along. But I have made it pretty far up even with a trail of people attached to me.

There really isn’t any secret to my madness. I’m observant, aggressive, fearless and persistent.

Observant: To make your way through hundreds of hot, sweaty ass, inebriated MFs, you gotta be like Nike and just do it. What’s the worse that can happen? A bitch cops a attitude? By that time it’s too late I done already claimed my spot.

I’m not down right ignorant about it. I will stop and look around to find pockets of space. I will only claim those pockets of space that have been left open.

It’s like driving on the highway. Which I’m a MF beast at also. If you decide to leave 2 car lengths space between you and the vehicle in front of you… Then your invitation for me to squeeze in has been accepted. Lesson of the story, if you done want me in yo lane, don’t leave enough space for me to fit. Same thing with the crowd. Don’t leave pockets of open area and then get mad when I make it my new home!!!

Occupy the MF space that you don’t want a bitch like me to step into. See. I position myself in a very wide stance. I need room to dance. And if someone confuses my personal space as theirs, I quickly correct them and send them on their way with a gentle nudge or a few hearty elbow pokes. Don’t step into my personal space unless you can tolerate wild dancing

Aggressive: My career has made me very aggressive. With everything I do. You gotta be a little hard to be an inner city ER nurse. If not prepare to be a doormat. I’m not about that life. Same thing at the raves.

If I see it, and I want it, I’ll take it, knowing 90% of people won’t say a damn thing in rebuttal. Doormats. Some are not doormats some just really don’t give af. They settle in a spot, and what goes on around them, they could care less about. But I’ve seen the faces of those who do care. Those people that I’ve just stepped in front of them but don’t have the balls to say shit. I’m sorry, I can’t teach everyone how to stand up for themselves. I won’t take advantage either, but I will use it as my advantage.

The doormats I do feel bad for, so I only use their position as a temporary stop until I find another hole… essentially in front of someone who really don’t care. So learning to read faces and emotions will help your journey. You learn who you can step in front of and who you can’t. Which means you should make sure you can also spot the angry MFs who will be or who are pissed that you just landed in front of them.

That leads me to… Fearless: My daddy taught me to never back down from anyone. To this day I have not. Miraculously, has never been in a physical fight. Many, many verbal altercations, but never physical. Nobody has time for that bs. I️ ain’t fucking up my face for no basic ass bitch. Nevertheless, I️ may only be the size of a Chihuahua, but I got the heart of a Pitbull so don’t come for me.

I had a big bitch come for once at a rave cuz I wouldn’t let her ass take over the spot I was holding down since I had gotten there that night. I looked her ass straight in her eyes and said “try me if you want.” Now, I knew damn well I️ wouldn’t win a battle against her ass. But she ain’t gonna punk me…

Be aggressive… Be being aggressive…


doesn’t mean fighting. It means being assertive with some flame 🔥 . Basically, if you feel correct in your convictions then stand by that shit. If someone is in your personal space that you been holding down, they gots to go. If you just hopped into a wide the fuck open space and people get mad, they can suck on your ball’s balls. If someone is being just down right ridiculous, gotta let ‘me know. However your approach is displayed, just be fearless.

My girl Mya is not Pitbull strong like me but more so German Shepherd assertive. She puts on this face of authority and if it’s about to go down I️’ll see her conversing with someone and then they leave. We both get the same results just in different ways.

Persistence: The last and final piece is your desire. I don’t try for the rail every time. Some artists are worth the struggle versus others. And it will be a struggle. Cuz once your at the rail, you gotta maintain your territory. Trust it feels like everyone is coming to lay stake to your new found territory. For the rest of the night! Bitches will show up at the Rave at 1am and think they can just squeeze right on in. No MF, go find that doormat, she don’t live here.

As a testament to my skills, Mya always puts me as the front of the train. I lead the way and the crew follows. It takes a lot of “excuse me” “coming through” “my bad” but I️ makes a way. Even if we don’t make it all the way to the front, I always get a good spot. Always.

Now that your at rail… you gotta be stronger than ever. This is where your for patience for mankind will be tested. Fuckers at the rail really can suck ass crack… They usually are the hardcore fans and feel they are entitled to be close to the DJ. Problem is they wasn’t fan enough to get there early and hold down their spot. So they try to squirm and bulldoze their way in. Not over my shoulder you won’t.

Some environments are easier than others. And sometimes my mood is just over it. But best believe, if I’m at the rail… I will stay at the rail. Once it’s my spot, I️ never lose it. Trust, fuckers have tried. Then they have left in temper tantrums, escorted out by security or have disappeared in defeat. But I’ve never been invaded and conquered.

All in all, make the Rave experience your experience. Don’t let rude ass MF ruin your night. Don’t fight, but challenge a bitch. Don’t be a doormat, unless you really don’t care. But if you were responsible and got to the rave on time and secured that front row position. Don’t let no punk bitch bump you. Being at the rail takes a special soul. Be that special soul.

😽🍭💋 FeFeline


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