KandyGem #28: I’m So Poor… Can’t Afford to Add My Own 2 Cents

When all your money is allocated to raving... It really makes you contemplate your life

I had to resort to a Yo Momma joke to describe this newfound struggle. I went to a friends dinner that was planned a week ahead of time. I ended up leaving early because I had to sign up for some overtime pay. Now Y’all know how much I hate working but explained to them that I was rich broke and had to go…Yup, I said it, I am fucking broke. Now… festivals are not the only reason why my ass is so fucking broke. Nope, I have a pretty consistent shopping habit, I have student loans that are no longer deferred, and I choose to only work 30 hours a week, cause why kill myself… If it makes you feel better to know, I at least will pick high needs when the department offers. If I’m gonna work extra hours, its gonna be for premium pay 😏.

Plus, after this long and drawn out breakup, I’m moving in with my momma so I’ll start to “save money” aka “have more money to blow.” whatever you wanna call it. See, I don’t know if it’s a good fucking thing that I’m moving back in with momma. I’m literally that adult child living in my momma’s basement. Shit, and I’m doing it with no shame or qualms about it. Yes, my life has essentially gone backward.

I have complained in the past that I missed my 20’s by working too hard and going to school for too long. Well FeFe, welcome back to your MF 20’s. Plus, my age is what people think I am and most people guess a cool 23… So that’s what my ass will be, ok. In my mind I’m justifying my life as just fine and living with momma now compared to right out of college might actually be because. I make way more than I did in my 20’s so I have had way more money to slang. Which brings me back to the got damn point. FESTIVALS!!

Up next: DREAMSTATE! (@edm.maniac)

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These bitches ain’t cheap and had I been attending them back then, I wouldn’t have been able to afford them like I’m able to now. Even if I was living with momma. Not even a little bit.

And the thing is, them festival coordinators don’t even try to act like they are cheap. Instead, they offer you MF a payment plan and say give me my money, plus fees, plus interest. Essentially bitch, you put this festival on layaway. Just like my momma used to put our Christmas on lawyay.

Now, my momma is the fucking best. Not only is she taking care of my ass as an adult but when we were kids and were the real definition of poor she made sure her babies had a Christmas. And our Christmas was always lit.

We didn’t always get exactly what we wanted but we had some good ass gifts. Bitch, one year me and my sister both got the home alone recorder. You couldn’t tell me shit. No literally, cause if you did best believe that shit was gonna be recorded for everyone to hear. Deluxe Talkboy, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York The thing is, the festivals are my new obsession. I don’t know the last time I went on a shopping spree and revamped my closet. I used to drop hundreds at the mall. I have no kids, my bills were paid so I indulged a whole fucking lot.

Its just way too tempting!! 😭😭😭😂 #rave

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I don’t miss it. Fuck a shopping spree for inanimate objects when I can go to a magical place, with friends and smile and dance and be free like the lost boys of “NeverEver Land.” sure my shopping sprees would make NE smile but I don’t even remember them after a week. EDC however, is permanently stamped into my brain, oh yeah and etched into my SnapChat, and posted on my social media and written about on this blog.

So yes I am broke AF, but rich in fond memories just like this meme I saw today.

I have found my rave bestie, raves, festivals, EDM all this shit St the perfect time. After a breakup, while I’m single and sad, with a good job, that I only work 30 hours a week at, and while living with my momma. Shit, if I had to say do myself, I’d say my life is a perfect fucking storm… And actually in the words of The Dave Chappelle show “I’m rich biotch!!”

😽💋 FeFeline


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