Support Beams

The most awesome thing his having a fan club. I’m not talking about your Barbies, or the Hive or whatever a celebrity calls their following these days. Someday I dream to my Kitty following, but that day is far far away. So until then, I got my day ones. Your Day Ones the peeps that have been there for since MF day one. Those are the ride or dies They see you when you dome shit and they make you do better. I got a list of people that fall into that category. I also got a list of people that fall on my “I bet not up blow list.” Cause if I do you gone be and you ain’t stick around.

And that’s fine because time is like money. People should invest their time just like their money, in the things they think are lucrative. But just understand I’m not that bitch that will let you in after my glow up occurs. You gotta be with me on the rise otherwise you missed the MF boat son…

That brings me back to my Support beams. The people that have been holding me up and motivating me. Y’all know Mya my ever faithful assistant. She’s on the cone up list. This Christmas, I got the best gift ever. The actual gift was the best but the fucking symbolism behind the gift was the best gift ever.

I’ve always known that my parents are supportive. I’m one of them lucky MFs in the world that actually was raised by good parents. And working in the damn ER, I can tell you the world is fucked up. Even the people the turn out “normal” there’s still a chance their parents were some fucked individuals.

My mom doe… is an MF champ. Always my support beam. When I told her ass I was raving she was like “ok that’s cute don’t get kidnapped.” It was never “Why are you doing that BS? That shit sound crazy.” Etc etc. She saw it was what I wanted so she let me do it.

Then she chose me for our family secret Santa gift exchange. Moms proved that she really is in support of my new lifestyle change. This heffa got me an iHeart Rave bodysuit, a crop top, and refraction glasses!!!! What! Momma gone have me lit for the new year.


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