FeFe’s Rules

Let’s get some house keeping stuff out of the way first.
I have 5 simple ruleswhen reading and responding to my blog.

Now these rules may change, if people blow the fuck outta me. People are so sensitive these days and take life too seriously. Never am I trying to offend people, but I’m pretty sure I will. I speak my truth and my truth only. And guest the fuck what?? Sometimes my truth may change, I’ve been known to be persuaded to view things differently. Most of the time I’m right though, so those instances are few are far between.

In summary, if you don’t like what the fuck I’m saying, you don’t have to read my shit… I’m entitled to my MF opinion and I express that shit freely all MF day! #JustSayin

  1. No sensitive ass people. Imma keep it 💯 always on this blog and you may not always approve, agree, or accept the shit that comes out my my mouth but that’s the point, it’s my mouth.
  2. It’s a blog dawg, everything on this joint is my opinion my point of view and I will gladly own what the fuck I say. So dont ever in your life come at me incorrect.
  3. I am open to debates, disagreements, or concerns, but what you won’t do is disrespect me on my shit, or tell me what I should feel or think.
  4. Definitely feel free to tell me how you feel or what you think about the vividly expressed opinions on my blog. All views are welcomed but there is a MF line. We can figure out where the line is if you fucking dare push the boundaries to find that line.
  5. I curse a whole fucking lot in real life so I’m gonna curse a whole fucking lot in this joint.

I want everyone to enjoy my stories, but if you’re not enjoying them that’s fine.<<<<<<<<
have to, but Bitch please don't kill my vibe!!<<<<<<<<
s you be open to my point of view as I will be open to yours.

Those are the rules, Happy Reading

💋 FeFeline 😽.🍭💎

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