KandyGem #18: Freak-Twerk-Hoe 3 Nights in a Row (Night 1)

This weekend was all fun and games. Maybe not Tic-Tac-Toe, but I def did get 3 nights of straight fucking ass shaking awesomeness in a row. And I feel like a MF winner. Side Note: I’m gonna apologize, but not really… This entry is really late. It has been sitting on my computer for like […]

July 18

KandyGem #18: Savor the Flavor

Ahhh man, this title can go in so many directions but I’m gonna take it straight down the gutter. I’m pretty much a 16 year old boy at times and that inner boy child is coming out today. I feel like I need to name this little ninja living inside of me but if I […]

July 14

KandyGem #17: Post Festival Blues

I’m awaken at the butt crack of afternoon, by my baby. Haaaa, really me with a baby… My momma, my niece and my nephew are all waiting for the day that I produce a child… I’m pretty sure my baby sister will have a baby before me. These last 3 years of my life I […]