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This Black Kitty Loves to Rave

New to this Rave scene I’ve become obsessed with the euphoria. You can’t deny the deep bass when you feel it. My background of listening to Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, Reggae has lead me to Trap Music.

Not the down south dirty trap, but the EDM genre of Trap. A style of music that I once deemed as bullshit, because I thought it was all techno. Until, one day, I was introduced to Trap Music. And since that time my opinion has changed.

Electronic Dance Music is the shit. The same way I was closed minded and ignorant to scene there are many others who share the same opinion as I once did. Trust, I know they exist because they are my friends and associates. People love to hate on EDM.

As a black girl that raves, I want this blog to open up a new world of entertainment to those who may think this scene is not for them.

I was born in Baltimore but raised in Columbia, Maryland. Baltimore club music has been the base for shaping my style of dance and partying. If you have listened to Baltimore club, you know they rely on witty short phrases like “Girl… back that ass up” or “Watch out for the Big Girl” slammed on top of a bass heavy beat. Each banger revolves around a build up until your hit with a hard knocking drop. This is why I fell in love with Trap EDM.

I’ve always partied in the Hip Hop and R&B clubs. Ive been partying at the GoGos in Washington D.C. in the past. Reggae festivals or the Dance Hall has been a music culture I’ve throughly enjoyed. I also could be found vibing out to the sounds of Soca from the islands or African pop from the motherland. And now you can add EDM to the list.

EDM is a carefree environment. No one judges and most likely there is someone else “freer” than you in attendance. When I’m at a rave, I do whatever ever move me and everyone should have that experience.

This recent introduction to a whole new world of Electronic Dance Music has been exciting and fun. From it, has evolved a new alter ego FeFeline, I started this blog and I also began writing for EDM World Magazine.

You’re invited to take this adventure with me as I explore EDM, raves and the culture from the perspective of a black girl. My blog will tell my stories, written from my point of view and based on my opinions of the #RaveLife.

💋 @FeFeline.KandyGem