Information Page

What are KandyGems?

KandyGems are my Blog entries these include:

  • My fucking awesome EDM stories
  • Tips or Info on how to navigate the EDM culture
  • My Opinions on everything EDM
  • Or just whatever the fuck I wanna write about!

KandyGems is the name I’ve given my Kandies that I trade at the shows

  • Everyone else simply calls them Kandies. Nope mine are KandyGems
  • Why? cause everything I do is extra, that’s why…
  • Want one? Find me at an event, I’d love to share my sweet KandyGems with you!!

KandyGems are the Ravers! Me, My Squad and of course YOU GUYS!

KandyGems are those bomb ass tracks that gets dropped at the party that keeps them KandyGem asses dancing

Literally a KandyGem can be whatever the fuck I want…

Come along for the ride and enjoy these fucking dope ass KandyGems

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